Monday, February 1, 2010

Nelson's Soap Scrapbook #13 - NELSON'S WORLD 1997

Nelson Aspen dug into his scrapbooks for some memorabilia from his early showbiz career in Daytime TV and shares some of his personal photos exclusively with We Love Soaps. All photos are owned by Nelson. For more of his exploits, read "Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

We continue this series with a couple of photos from the celebrity chat show, NELSON'S WORLD.

In 1997, I hosted Microsoft's first-ever online celebrity chat show, NELSON'S WORLD. Over the course of 186 live episodes, I had many soap star guests. Here are some of the pics I found in my scrapbook. (Did I lose the shots of Ethan Erickson, Linden Ashby and Kristian Alfonso??)

Michelle Stafford (she was a hoot!)

Vanessa Marcil & Tyler Christopher (they were inseparable!)

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