Moving Day With OLTL - Kassie DePaiva Interview

We Love Soaps had the opportunity to visit the new ONE LIFE TO LIFE set in Manhattan on February 16th and tour the new digs.  During this time we spoke with several cast members about their current experience on the show, the big move, and reflections on their time in Llanview.  Please enjoy this series of interviews.

KASSIE DEPAIVA ("Blair Cramer")

We Love Soaps: So great to talk with you again! This is a big big week for ONE LIFE.  We’ve been talking about the blizzard, and then the Cramer Women reunion.
Kassie DePaiva: It’s going to be so great.  I think having Gina Tognoni [Kelly] back on the canvas plus Melissa Fumero [Adriana] this week, Laura Koffman [Cassie], it’s just fantastic.

We Love Soaps: You’ve been here consistently longer than all the other Cramer Women.
Kassie DePaiva: That’s right! Cramer Women come and go.  But when we’re all together it’s something that’s special. 

We Love Soaps: What happens?
Kassie DePaiva: It starts at the top with Robin Strasser [Dorian], she has totally raised the bar.  Cramer Women have a special bond.  It’s not something that was planned but there is fire there.  We hate each other, but when we are all together we love each other.

We Love Soaps: Blair has gone through a lot this year.  When we last talked she was pretty content with John.
Kassie DePaiva: John who? I just saw Susan Haskell [Marty] and said, “Listen, I was watching this week and I think Marty needs to find Blair and we need to kill Natalie.”  John! What little traitor! He’s going to hurt Marty’s feelings.  That’s something Blair might do, but this is John, come on! I mean the fickle finger of fate—he’s a little fickle there. 

We Love Soaps: But one thing I have always admired about Blair is that she doesn’t just sit and wallow and scream, “Why me,” she just goes onto the next one.
Kassie DePaiva: She wallows, but she usually wallows next to a really hot man.  Matt Walton [Eli] happens to be my flavor of the day.  I really enjoy working with him.  Eli and Blair can be a little hot sometimes.

We Love Soaps: And of course she still has the back and forth with Todd. 
Kassie DePaiva: Oh yeah, he’s never going to go away.  I love working with Trevor.  I just feel really blessed that I’m in my 18th year and Blair continues to be a lot of fun.

We Love Soaps: She kicks ass.
Kassie DePaiva: Oh yeah! She gets a little ass, and then she kicks it. 

We Love Soaps: Coming up for you is Rock The Soap in April.  Any other singing engagements for you or the Divas of Daytime?
Kassie DePaiva: Broadway Cares /Equity Fights AIDS event on March 21st at Town Hall.  Then Rock The Soap.  Then the Divas are doing a charity event in Naples, Florida, on May 1st.  Then Bobbie Eakes and myself are doing the Soap Nation Stagecoach in Indio, California, on April 24th and 25th  Then the Divas are performing in August in Wisconsin. 

We Love Soaps: What would you like to see happen next for Blair?
Kassie DePaiva: Gosh, I just want to see her in the mix, constantly doing what she does best, which is stirring the pot.  The writers always seem to find something for her to do, I just want to do a little bit more of it. 

We Love Soaps: I want to see that too.  I think Blair is very complex and I enjoy seeing her shades of gray.
Kassie DePaiva: I’m involved in a lot of story but she needs to have one of her own. 

We Love Soaps: Any previews as far as the next few weeks?
Kassie DePaiva: Dorian’s going off the handle, we need to be the glue that keeps her from going of the handle. 

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