Monday, February 8, 2010

FLASHBACK: Kim Zimmer 1984

Soap Star Likes Complex Plot

By John N. Goudas
King Features Syndicate
November 10, 1984

Kim Zimmer has pulled off somewhat of a miracle in her playing of Reva Lewis in GUIDING LIGHT. She has managed to maintain audience support and sympathy through a series of plot twists that have made her the wife of Billy Lewis, the lover of his brother, Josh, and the current wife of their father, H.B. Lewis. At the present time, she is pregnant on the show and her dilemma is compounded by the fact that she can't be sure who the father is... Josh or his father, H.B.

Kim is, by her own description, a "go for it" type of actress. If you watch "G.L." regularly, you may have seen Kim-Reva in some very emotional scenes during the past few weeks, all of them excellently played. Let's face it, not all the acting on soaps is first-rate but you can count on a handful of pros to deliver the goods each and every time and Kim Zimmer is certainly among the select few.

Kim's soap career began with a short-term part on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but many fans still recall her stint as Nola in the now defunct THE DOCTORS. Kim actually left the series about six months before it was canceled. Although Kim was probably the most popular character on DOCTORS she just couldn't endure all the backstage shenanigans associated with the NBC soap. There were five exec producers and six different sets of head writers during Kim's tenure on the show. That hardly seems the way to guide a soap to success.

Kim's very happy about GUIDING LIGHT and finds it a nice show on which to work. In private life, she has a 2-year daughter named Rachel Beth. She and her husband, A.C. (Allen Cudney) Weary, have had to make some alterations in their lifestyle.

"My husband and I always said having a child wouldn't change our lives but, of course, we were naive to think so." The Weary family is busy renovating a country home not far from New York City, and that also takes up a great deal of Kim's time.

However, she likes it better when she's in the thick of plotlines, as she currently is.

"It slowed down for Reva for awhile, but it started to happen again and I'm enjoying the current drama." So are we all.


  1. In the 80s, Reva Shayne was like Brooke Logan on acid.

    If Reva had been Stephanie Forrester's daughter in law, Steph would have had annual heart attacks just keeping up with her antics.

  2. LOL, when she married H.B. I was shoked, but somehow still loved their relationship. And then Kyle came along. Reva was a busy lady at that point. :)