Caroline McWilliams Has Passed Away At Age 64

Caroline McWilliams, a star of stage and screen, has died according to The Los Angeles Times. She was 64 years old.

McWilliams played Janet Mason for six years on GUIDING LIGHT from 1969 to 1975 and originated the role of Tracy DeWitt on ANOTHER WORLD in 1976 (later played by DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM's Janice Lynde). She also played LuAnn Pruit on BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 and Marcy Hill on the sitcom BENSON.

On Broadway, she was a cast member of the 1975 revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," as well as "The Rothschilds," and "Boccaccio." Off-Broadway, she worked for the Public Theater and the American Shakespeare Festival.

She is survived by her son Sean Douglas and her sisters, Patti McWilliams, Norma Liedtke, and Kelly-Jo Dvareckas.


  1. I remember her as Sally, Burt's secretary on "Soap" who was being blackmailed by Ingrid to ruin Burt and Mary's marriage. She was great in the role.

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  3. Wow! The 1970s-era Guiding Light actors are dropping off left & right.

    I remember having a school-boy crush watching Caroline McWilliams as Janet Mason on GL during my mid-high school/early-college years in the 1970s. Janet worked as a construction company secretary & was briefly Dr. Ed Bauer's (then played by Mart Hulswit) mistress when he went on a drunken bender & was briefly separated from Leslie who was pregnant with Rick at the time. A few years later, Janet married lawyer Ken Norris played by Roger Newman, Holly's big brother, & Leslie, while played by Barbara Rodell, had just married Mike Bauer (Don Stewart), Ed's noble brother & Ken's law partner.