VIDEO: ALL MY CHILDREN Begins Taping in Los Angeles

KABC reported on ALL MY CHILDREN's first day in Los Angeles.

"It's a wonderful testament to ALL MY CHILDREN that it's a show that continues to entertain and that our audience is so passionate and loyal and with us and anticipating this move to Los Angeles as, you know, we are getting ready to do that," said Susan Lucci.

Lucci, who plays Erica Kane, has been there since the beginning and made the trip to the west when the show moved to a studio in Glendale on Monday. She says she will be bicoastal, keeping her East Coast home, while commuting to L.A.

"The way I see it is it's a great indication from Disney, from ABC, investing in ALL MY CHILDREN and the longevity of the show. You know, things are changing, television is changing right now and you've got to adapt and go with the changes," said Cameron Mathison, who plays Ryan Lavery.

"There's aspects of this that is fantastic and there's aspects that are tricky. But, in general, we want what's best for the show," he continued.

Mathison is not alone in his thinking.

"Moving the show to L.A. re-invigorates the show, gives it sort of a fresh start. And I think that's important, especially in this medium, so we're breathing a little bit of new life into it," said Rebecca Budig, who plays Greenlee Smythe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this clip. Fun to watch.....a little preview of what's coming up today/tomorrow as well!