Tuesday, January 12, 2010

REALITY BYTES: So You Think You Can Write?

Indie soap REALITY BYTES is offering fans a chance to write scenes for BEYOND REASON, the soap within the soap that is featured on the show.

Producer/star Tristan Rogers explains how the process will work:

The background for RB is basically the production of another soap called “Beyond Reason”. In effect this is a soap about the production of a soap. It may sound like a familiar format but this one digresses a little.

While the real story is happening in Reality Bytes, Beyond Reason plays in the background. In the same way you would see any soap, if you walked into a production office.

I am going to give you, that is YOU the audience a chance to write the show going on in the background. In other words I am going to have BR written by the fans who watch Reality Bytes.

Confused? Don’t be because it is really quite simple. You, the fans are going to submit scenes that will be used to play on the show that will be seen on monitors throughout the main show which is Reality Bytes. These scenes may not be in focus and may only be referred to occasionally but they will be an important part of what we do. The story will not be a “story” in the sense of what the show is but we are going to have a general tracking for our own purposes.

For all the details, visit TristanRogers.com.


  1. What a great idea Tristan. i would like to give it a try. So happy you are keeping soaps alive. I am writing a column for the NY Examiner Soap Lovers Unite and am trying to fight to kepp our soaps.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this...it's a great idea to not only get viewers interested in what they're going to watch, but have a voice in the process as well.