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INTERVIEW: OLTL's Scott Evans (Fish)
On being nervous for the first Kish love scenes: "Nervous about shooting it? Abso-freaking-lutely. The days leading up to it I was absolutely terrified. Jill Mitwell who directed those scenes was absolutely wonderful. Another one of our directors, Danielle Feraldo sat me and Brett down the day before and gave us this really, really, really incredible speech. She used an analogy with skydiving, how the experience will be much more enjoyable if you jump without fear."

ALL MY CHILDREN tribute to James Mitchell on the way
According to Soap Opera Digest, AMC is gearing up for a moving tribute to James Mitchell (Palmer), who passed away on Friday, January 22, but a source says the memorial won't air until the spring. The show wants to wait until newly anointed head writers Donna Swajeski and David Kreizman have started, and can do actor and character justice.

P&G Ready To Pay "Very Big" Numbers To Have A Presence On Facebook
Procter & Gamble Co. loves Facebook after all, and besides encouraging brands to develop a presence there, the world's biggest marketer has opened an office in Silicon Valley to help develop social-networking systems and digital-marketing capabilities with the website.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Stephen Nichols (Tucker)
"He is out for revenge on his mother. I mean any kid that was put in an orphanage at birth, and whose mother put him there and never looked back, would feel resentful of that. So yeah, I am going to get her. The most exciting part is working with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine). She is amazing!"

Y&R's Jeanne Cooper on the So Act® Network
"It's important that So Act isn't trying to be a better network. It was created to build a better future world for everyone."

How to hit on (former ATWT star) Margaret Colin
Ken Levine writes: "At one point we’re both in the pool. I swim up to her and with a panache that the Fonz himself would approve of, say, 'Hi there. Y’know, you and I have something in common.' She rolls her eyes. Another schmuck. 'What?' she asks warily. I said, 'You and I both killed Wednesday night for CBS.'"

BREAKING BAD spoofs Obama billboard
AMC's BREAKING BAD returns for its new season March 21 and in advance of that the network is tweaking a controversial Times Square billboard from raincoat maker Weatherproof with this billboard featuring Bryan Cranston as cancer victim/meth dealer Walt.

In dying color: No. 4 NBC has cast itself in the role of the fading peacock
Where there's mire, there's muck, and NBC is just the place to find both.

Brandon Beemer Turns Out For The North dweller Launch Of Cadillac: The New Fragrance For Men
Says Beemer: “My girlfriend, Nadia Bjorlin loves the way it smells on me! It’s all good!”

NEIGHBOURS and CROSSROADS creator Reg Watson honored
Reg Watson, the man who helped establish ATV Network’s ATV Midlands in 1956 and went on to create Britain’s first “true” soap opera, CROSSROADS, has been honoured with Australia’s equivalent of the MBE. Reg worked in the UK between 1955 and 1973 before returning to his native Australia where he continued to devise popular serials including THE YOUNG DOCTORS and NEIGHBOURS.

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  1. On the AMC tribute for James Mitchell, I was pleased at first when they said it wouldn't be till spring, thinking they are taking their time with compiling 30 years of substantial flashbacks (hopefully lots with Nina, Daisy, and bantering with Myra). But THEN I was disheartened to learn the reason was they are waiting for the new writers to come on board?!?! Ok, let me get this straight... instead of having Lorraine Broderick or even Agnes Nixon pen these episodes dealing with Palmer's death, they are going to wait for writers who know very little about Palmer and his impact on the show. ((scratching head))