Friday, January 1, 2010

Jack Scalia Files $5M Suit Against Jordache

Jack Scalia (ex-Chris, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Nicholas, DALLAS) yesterday filed a $5 million-plus suit against the Jordache jeans company for recycling a picture of him from its inaugural 1979 ad campaign.

Scalia's Manhattan federal court filing says he recently discovered his youthful image staring back at him from "hang tags" attached to the company's retro denim pants.

The tags feature Scalia posing with another man and woman -- all clad in nothing but tight-fitting blue jeans. Scalia's suit says his deal with Jordache was cut by Ford Models and only allowed the clothing company "to employ Scalia's well-known visage in limited forms of advertising for a limited time period."

Jordache lawyer Robert Spiegelman told the New York Post, "This is a controversy over a 30-year-old photograph in which nobody could possibly recognize Mr. Scalia and which we believe we have a right to use."


  1. well, actually, I recognized him - and while I can see both sides of the issue, I think the models are due compensation for re-using the image.

  2. Well maybe if he loses he can come back to AMC. I always enjoyed the pairing of Erica and Chris, and with his own son going after her now it could make for juicy soap.

  3. vOf course EVERYBODY recognizes him!! He deserves to be compensated for the resurrection of his photo. He helped the "designer jean" industry become what it is today----very profitable! Jordache is a tired, "has been" brand that is trying to revitalize itself and recapture aging clients through the use of Jack's image.
    He deserves $5 million, if not more!

  4. Of course I recognized him. He has one of the most handsome faces ever filmed or photographed and he is the ONLY reason that anyone would want to buy a pair of Jordache jeans. He not only deserves the compensation, he deserves a percentage of the sales.

  5. who wouln't recognize Jack
    Scalia...Pay him,