Saturday, January 2, 2010

HOT STORIES: Billy's New Year's Dream

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS aired a special episode on New Year's Eve where John Abbott showed his son, Billy, the future if Billy didn't change his way. Will Billy take his dream to heart in 2010? Stay tuned. What did you think about this episode?


  1. I enjoyed the episode, even though at times John's ghost was so orange it was distracting.
    Other than that, I thought - what happened to Janna? How did Mac & Kevin end up together?

    I think that Billy is a great character, and I don't hope they reform him *too* much. There aren't that many true cads on tv right now, and he's a complex character - not a total goody-goody like Chance and not a total villain like Adam.
    Yes, he needs to not be a total asshole, but a bit of a cad is part of what Billy Abbot truly is, I think.

  2. Although it was reminiscent of Michael's show last year, I liked it....I enjoy those 'special episodes'. It was great seeing Jerry Douglas again and Billy Miller can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned...he's the most brilliant recast in a very long time....

  3. Ugh...what a waste of an episode, frankly because we all know how long this change in Billy will last and we all know that the "future" isn't going to turn out so happy-happy for everyone! Even I can read the writing on the wall for Cain, Lily, and Mac. Personally, I like a$$hole Billy, and wish he (and TPTB) would embrace it.

    I agree with Mo, someone needs to chuck that has EXPIRED! I laughed out loud that Mac's son seemed horrified at the thought of giving her a hug (AWKWARD)! Loved that Chloe was the only one who could "hear" Billy. The ending was interesting (are they pairing Victoria and Billy together now?)...

  4. Ms. Henry - oh surely they're not going to pair the oh-so-bland Amelia Heinle with the oh-so-dynamic Billy Miller! That would be tragic.
    I hope it was just an ironic touch - that Victoria (of all people) would be the one to reach out to Billy just when he needed it, from the one he'd least expect it.

  5. Never, never, never! Just thought it was an unexpected twist...but after watching today's episode I'm starting to wonder who Billy Miller pissed off because they seem to delight in using him to prop up dreadful actresses?