Monday, January 18, 2010

FLASHBACK: Charita Bauer 1937

Little Stars of Screen, Stage, Radio, Shine in Classroom (excerpt)

Lewiston Daily Sun
September 7, 1937

The Royalty of American Childhood are those young stars who appear on screen and stage and radio programs to the delight and admiration of other children and grown folks even more.

Few children, but many parents, often pause to wonder about their schooling, conscious these little stars have work to do, the kind of work done by much older folks who have long since gone beyond classroom work.

Over in the realm of stage plays and radio productions there is a little girl by the name of Charita Bauer whose acting in the play "The Women" a Broadway success, has been one of the delights of the theatrical year.

Her part in the play requires Charita to be in the theatre every afternoon and every evening, and in addition, she must rehearse for her frequent appearances on the radio program SINGING LADY as well as take time out to appear on that program.

Charita goes to school - she goes to the Professional Children's School in New York City, a school under the supervision of the New York State Board of Education with an ironclad rule that if the child's professional life makes her miss a class, the lessons taken up at that class must be sent in in written form.

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