Friday, January 22, 2010

Crystal Chappell Sliding Down A Firepole?

VENICE and DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Crystal Chappell taped an episode of THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW on Thursday. Hunt teased fans with a twitpic of Chappell with the caption: "Watch on Monday! Crystal goes down the firepole!" That should be interesting!

Subscribers can catch an all new episode of VENICE tonight at


  1. Don't know why that should be interesting but thanks for the plug letting soap fans know of a tv appearance.
    Love seeing the Days actors on shows, it's a good sign.

    By the way, Allison Sweeney is going to be on Rachael Ray show 2-2.

  2. Thanks for having CRYSTAL CHAPPELL she is amazing, I triple love her, would do anything to meet her.She is just the best EVER.

  3. this photo is such a tease!! gah! :-)

  4. Crystal Chappell is totally awesome!!! She loves her fans as much as we love her ! YOU GO GIRL !!!