Monday, January 11, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell came in at #35 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Rowell including her work on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

CNN: Rowell appeared on to talk about her book, "The Women Who Raised Me."
1990: Drucilla teaches Brad the Lambada.

1990: Drucilla and John discuss Drucilla's police record.
1990: Olivia arrives and Drucilla refuses to see her.

1991: Drucilla's first ballet performance.
1992: Drucilla is nervous for her modeling shoot at Blade's studio.

1998: Drucilla surprises lovebirds Neil and Victoria.
2000: Drucilla models for Malcolm.

2003: Drucilla confronts Phyllis.
2005: Drucilla informs Phyllis of her promotion.

2006: Drucilla tells Lily that Neil is having an affair.
2007: Rowell's last day as Drucilla.

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