Sarah Brown came in at #9 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Brown including her work on GENERAL HOSPITAL, AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

1996: Carly and Tony are stranded at the cabin.
1996: Carly asks if Robin is okay with Jason spending time with her.

1997: Bobbie let loose on Tony and Carly.
1998: Carly panicks when she finally see Michael after he was born.

1998: Jason brings Michael to visit Carly.
1999: Carly and Emily trade barbs then Carly talks with Jason.

1999: Sonny breaks down and tells Carly about Lily's death.
2000: Jason gives Carly marriage advice.

2001: Carly and Sonny's wedding.
2004: Julia fights with Carly in Emma's kitchen.

2008: Sonny pushes Claudia away when she tries to seduce him.
2009: Claudia kidnaps Carly.

2009: Sandy tries to avoid Whip.
2010: Sandy tells Whip about the rape.

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