CLASSIC CLIPS: Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn came in at #19 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Grahn including her work on SANTA BARBARA and GENERAL HOSPITAL.

SOAPOGRAPHY: The life and times of Nancy Lee Grahn.

1985: Julia's first appearance on SANTA BARBARA.
1985: Julia is looking for a father for her baby.

1987: Julia is unhappy that Mason and Tori are getting married.

1988: Mason tells Julia the only family he wants is Samantha and her.
1988: Julia and Mason get married.

1990: After Julia sleeps with Dash, she feels guilty and Mason show up to talk about Samantha.

1996: Luke's first meeting wtih Alexis.
1997: Alexis is revealed as Natasha.

1998: Alexis convinces Stefan to allow Justice to help the defense.
1999: Alexis thinks Jax is ned and jumps on top of him.

2000: Alexis returns to her apartment still in her wedding gown after ditching Ned at the altar.
2001: Alexis tries to loosen up.

2002: Alexis and Sonny talk in bed while Carly watches.
2004: Helena tries to kill Emily and Alexis.

2006: Alexis and Sam are locked in a room together.
2008: Alexis tells Anthony to stay away from Kristina.

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