Lisa Brown came in at #31 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Brown from her work on GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

1980: Nola and Kelly inform Mike, Ed, and Larry about Roger's disguise.
1981: Kelly blasts Nola for lying about the baby.

1981: Nola's "Jane Eyre" fantasy.
1982: Nola and Quint kiss on the beach.

1982: Silas (Benjamin Hendrickson) kidnaps Nola.
1982: Nola is in the hospital.

1983: Nola and Quint fly away in a hot air balloon after their wedding.
1983: Vanessa and Nola arrive at the ball wearing matching dresses.

1985: After many years, Iva comes home.

1987: Iva reveals to Lily that she was adopted.

1988: Iva reacts to the news that Hank is gay.
1997: Nola's Fred and Ginger fantasy.

2009: Nola blows a kiss goodbye to Company.
2009: Nola mentions that she called ahead to make sure she wasn't wearing the same dress as Vanessa.

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