Thursday, January 28, 2010


Debbi Morgan came in at #11 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Morgan including her work on ALL MY CHILDREN, GENERATIONS, LOVING, PORT CHARLES and THE CITY.

1983: Angie gets a call from Jenny and has to rush off to school. (ALL MY CHILDREN)
1983: Angie and Jesse get married. (ALL MY CHILDREN)

1987: Angie wants to know why Jesse killed her father. (ALL MY CHILDREN)
1988: Jesse dies with Angie by his bedside. (ALL MY CHILDREN)

1989: ABC promo congratulating Hubbard on her Emmy win. (ALL MY CHILDREN)
1990: Eric plays the piano for Chantal. (GENERATIONS)

1995: Angie and Jacob steam it up in the shower and the bedroom. (LOVING)
1995: Angie and Jacob leave Corinth. (LOVING)

1997: Jacob is worried about Angie spending too much time at the hospital. (THE CITY)
1997: Trailer for Eve's Bayou, in which Morgan gave a brilliant performance.

1997: Ellen and Matt share a kiss. (PORT CHARLES)
1998: Ellen and Matt make love. (PORT CHARLES)

2008: Angie and Jesse reunite at the train tracks. (ALL MY CHILDREN)
2008: Angie and Jesse get married again. (ALL MY CHILDREN)

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  1. Thanks For These Wonderful Clips Of Debbi's Performances, Roger! :)