Monday, January 11, 2010

Check Out The New Edition Soap Star Cards

Twenty actors are featured in the new edition Soap Star Cards. Information for ordering is posted in the image above.


  1. It's all ABC stars except Peter Bergman. He must be the wild card. ;)

  2. Oops, and James Scott. Well, he used to be on ABC.

  3. Notice how they just threw in James franco's pic in there?
    He isn't on the blue team but they got his picture anyway.LOL

  4. I have to lol and scratch my head at this one.

    I'll trade you a Steve Burton for James Franco! Are we in Jr High and it's the 80's again or is it a way to entice 12 year old female demo? If that's the case, they should of made them stickers.

    Sorry, I'm FULL of sarcasm!