Cady McClain Back For Short Run On ALL MY CHILDREN

Soaps In Depth has learned that Cady McClain is headed back to Pine Valley as Dixie! "We just made a deal for Cady to come back for a short run and do a story with Tad," ABC Daytime President Brian Scott Frons shared with In Depth during the network's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour.

- INTERVIEW: ATWT's Cady McClain


  1. ???

    She's DEAD. If this is an angel, it sucks.

    And if she's not dead...that's back-from-the-dead overkill.

  2. ABC isn't saying if she's a ghost or not, but you would have to think she probably still is if this is a limited run.

  3. I have to admit that I'd rather have 'back from the dead' overkill than DeathByPancakeDixie. It makes me think that she's coming back as a live person mainly because of the comment that Tad made during the anniversary show.... I guess we'll see. Personally I'd rather they just reboot and make believe the last few years didn't take place but in place of that I'll take back from the dead overkill..

  4. Sigh, wouldn't it be great if the last three years were just a pancake-induced coma?