Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WLS Interview Archive: Robert Newman

As Christmas fast approaches, you can take comfort that Robert Newman's fabulous musical "Sessions"will continue to run through January 3, 2010.  This must-see event for GUIDING LIGHT fans can be seen by ordering tickets for the show. However, We Love Soaps is also here to treat you with a review of "Sessions" and plenty of Newman's fascinating anecdotes.

Be sure to read the official We Love Soaps review of "Sessions."

Then treat yourself to a revealing interview with Robert Newman from this past week.  From his theater experiences, to working with Larry Gates.  From the demonizing of Tiger Woods, to the cancellation of AS THE WORLD TURNS, we've got it covered!

In Part One, Robert Newman discusses the flaws of celebrity culture, Tiger Woods, as well as struggling against the role of Joshua Lewis as a pious hero. 

In Part Two, the talented actor talks more about his inner struggles, as well as life lessons learned from less-than-stellar story telling on GUIDING LIGHT.

In Part Three, Newman shares his thoughts about the state of daytime soap operas, and hopes for his future.  Plus, which GUIDING LIGHT star is still planning to come see "Sessions"? Find out here.

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