VOTE: Best Same Sex Soap of 2009

Back in August, We Love Soaps ran a poll asking fans which soap had told the best same sex storylines in 2009. At that point in the year, GUIDING LIGHT was the overwhelming winner with 57% of the vote. ONE LIFE TO LIVE finished second with 28%.

Now that the year is ending, it's time to vote again.

Here's a short run down of the year in gay daytime:

ALL MY CHILDREN: Featured the heavily promoted first same sex wedding between Bianca and Reese. It was a beautiful ceremony but marred by Reese's relationship with Zach. The couple finally received a happy ending before leaving town together a few months later.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Luke and Noah finally had sex in January, Brian came out of the closet and left town, and Zac pretended to be gay to try and steal the Grimaldi fortune. Luke and Noah remained together as a couple throughout most of the year while dealing with a murder story, evil twins, Noah's father and Holden's death. The year ended with Noah blind following an explosion while working on his senior film project.

GUIDING LIGHT: The slow burning developing of the Olivia and Natalia love story lead to a hugely dramatic and emotional week as Natalia rejected Frank on their wedding day. Doris was revealed to be a lesbian and became a friend to Olivia while struggling to keep her sexuality from her daughter. Later, Natalia turned up pregnant by Frank but was determined to win Olivia back. As the show ended in September, Doris had come out to an accepting daughter, Ashlee, and Olivia and Natalia were happy and together, although they didn't get an onscreen kiss (or sex).

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Kyle and Fish were lovers in college but Officer Fish was deeply in denial in the closet. While Kyle yearned for Fish, Fish began dating Layla. Eventually Kyle met Nick and the two of them started dating much to Fish's chagrin. The show introduced the idea of gay marriage into the election story between Dorian and Viki with Dorian arranging a gay marriage-a-thon, including her own to Amelia, where Fish finally declared his love for Kyle. By the end of the year, "Kish" were together and had made love and were shown in bed together in the afterglow.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rafe was revealed to be gay and it was treated like no big deal for a change. Feeling the heat as he was about to be busted, supposedly straight Adam began a sexual relationship with Rafe to keep him quiet. Meanwhile, Phillip Chancellor III returned from the dead after 20 years revealing he faked his death because he was gay and couldn't deal with his life. Unfortunately these stories petered out as Rafe disappeared and Phillip III was sent back to Australia (for now).


  1. Let the GL kool aid flow and the ballot stuffing start!

  2. Amy, you can only vote once so that can't happen! Guiding Light does deserve to win this poll, followed by OLTL.

  3. I don't even know why ATWT, Y&R and AMC are on this list. The only two options here are Otalia and Kish. In my opinion 2009 belongs to Otalia and Kish will be the it couple in 2010. Like most fans I was disappointed in how GL ended but it doesn't take away from what came earlier in the year, especially the confessions.