Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEWS: Irna Phillips, ATWT, Moap Opera, THR, Gulati

As WORLD stops turning, Chicago soap bubble bursts
Conceived in an apartment on the Gold Coast (a tribute marker commemorates the site at 1335 North Astor Street) and set in the fictional community of Oakdale, Ill., AS THE WORLD TURNS was co-created by soap opera queen Irna Phillips, the Chicago writer who invented the genre at WGN, and her brilliant protégé, Agnes Nixon. It was Phillips’ most successful serial and, by some accounts, her all-time favorite.

“I just feel Irna gets slighted so much,” Nixon once told Vocalo's Robert Feder of her mentor, who died in 1973. “I’ve never forgotten her or what she meant to me. In my studio [office] I have a peg board with a big photograph of Irna. It all stems from her.”

Daytime soap operas: Why the bubble burst
Globe and Mail's Andrew Ryan writes: "The announcement of ATWT's departure on Tuesday was little more than a ticker item on most TV newscasts, wedged as it was between breaking Tiger Woods newsflashes. An ongoing daily saga about the alleged sex dalliances of a billionaire athlete with a beautiful Swedish wife? Now there's your new soap opera."

GOSSIP GIRL... The Comic Book?
Yen Press, who previously made headlines with their announcement of an official Twilight graphic novel in the works, will soon mine another teen-friendly property with a manga series based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s bestselling GOSSIP GIRL novels.

TMZ: The new real-life soap opera
There's a grim irony to the fact that, even as the last of the great soap operas (AS THE WORLD TURNS) announced plans last week to fade to black in September, TMZ is mobilizing for expansion. Why watch fictional characters twist in the wind when you can follow the real thing?

THE LEAGUE Secretly A TV Show About Love
Fantasy football may be the premise, but this one's really another "moap opera" or "man soap opera."

CORONATION STREET's Shobna Gulati returns tonight
"I suppose I am a bit weird," she says. "But lots of people are - most just don't admit it!"

e5 Global Media buys The Hollywood Reporter
e5 Global Media LLC, a new company formed jointly by private equity partner Pluribus Capital Management and financial services firm Guggenheim Partners, is acquiring The Hollywood Reporter and seven of its sister publications from the Nielsen Co.

B&B's Hunter Tylo marries again
Hunter Tylo (Taylor) has wed in a secret Las Vegas ceremony - three months after ending her on/off romance with guitarist Corey Cofield. Tylo, 47, and Gersson Archila, 38, exchanged vows at Cupid's Wedding Chapel on November 28.

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