Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NEWS: Hennesy, Manera, Bierdz, Gilsig, Most-Watched

Top 10 most-watched shows of the decade
The GREY'S ANATOMY post-Super Bowl episode was #6 with 38 million viewers.

Ambient TV: Which TV shows do you watch without actually watching?
Which shows do you end up sitting through – and taking notice of – without ever setting out to watch?

GLEE star Jessalyn Gilsig says tonight's episode brings Terri's moment of reckoning
“Everything comes to a head,” Gilsig told Show Tracker. “Will and Terri have that big, horrible, middle-of-the-night big assessment of their relationship. It was intense when we shot it.” Will viewers now take a little pity on Terri? Perhaps. “That’s what’s so great about [series creator] Ryan Murphy. He gives you someone like Quinn, who starts off as a bitchy cheerleader, and then you see everything that’s underneath. I think a kind of similar thing could happen tonight for Terri.” Maybe.

Carolyn Hennesy: Biting into a juicy role
“As liberating as it is to play Diane Miller, multiply that by 10 when it comes to playing Barb,” she said of her COUGAR TOWN role. “Barb behaves in ways that would put Lindsay Lohan to shame and gets away with it.”

Y&R's Thom Bierdz on playing Phillip as a gay man
“Keep in mind, twenty years ago, I felt I had to hide my homosexuality both on and off the set. I was told coming out would ruin my career. Now, to be back on CBS playing a character that I loved is profound. I am honored to be able to represent a gay man on TV that is multidimensional, a man who is dealing with family issues as a father, an ex-husband, a son, a grandson and a brother. I am so grateful to the network, my co-workers, the cast and crew, for standing with me both professionally and personally.”

Kane Manera producing gory thriller, Needle
Perth actor and producer Kane Manera (ex-Grady, GL) returned home to Perth from New York to act as associate producer after the script amazed him. He said the thriller about a serial killer targeting university students would keep audiences guessing right to the end.

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