Thursday, December 3, 2009

NEWS: Evans Brothers, FNL, Christopher, Turner, Comcast

Comcast, G.E. Announce Deal on NBCU
Just over two months since news of talks between the two companies surfaced, Comcast Corp. and General Electric announced a deal Dec. 3 to create a new joint venture entertainment company from the combined assets of NBC Universal and Comcast's cable networks. The new venture will be 51% owned by Comcast and 49% owned by GE.

As expected, NBC Universal President/CEO Jeff Zucker will lead the new joint venture as CEO, reporting to Comcast Chief Operating Officer Steve Burke.

Comcast also announced the formation of Comcast Entertainment Group, which will house Comcast's interest in the joint venture apart from the company's cable business.

Comcast deal faces regulatory review
omcast Corp.’s play for NBC Universal is expected to get a very close regulatory review that will be the first litmus test for how FCC chairman Julius Genachowski and other regulators swept in by the Obama administration will approach big media and entertainment deals.

GLEE: 20 Outrageous Sue Sylvester Quotes
"You're dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them."

The Evans brothers support Mike Capuano
Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate Mike Capuano couldn’t ask for more supportive nephews. Fantastic Four star Chris Evans was in town last night to host a debate party for his uncle at Stella in the South End. Chris and his brother, ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Scott Evans (Oliver), who was stuck in New York last night, say they’ll be in town over the next week to sing Capuano’s praises.

INTERVIEW: GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas)
Christopher was a guest on "Stardish Radio" on Wednesday night.

Jon Weisman of the L.A. Times writes: "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has persevered against all odds, producing dozens of hours of greatness while the big guns of the entertainment world pat themselves on the back for doing a decent job for 120 minutes – and yet continues to find ways to be even greater."

A countdown of the decade's best television shows
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is the #2 drama on this list.

The Philippines celebrate 60 years of soaps
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Philippine soap opera. ABS-CBN celebrates that legacy that has changed the entertainment scene for six decades by revisiting the metamorphosis of the Philippine soap opera. In 1949, the first radio soap was aired by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) entitled "Gulong ng Palad." Research says that during the early development of radio in the Philippines, the device only catered to music and American propaganda until "soaps" came into the picture.

INTERVIEW: AMC's Aiden Turner (Aidan)
Turner was a guest on "Stardish Radio" on Wednesday night.

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