Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NEWS: Barr, Lucci, VENICE, Grinch, Allman/Lucio

INTERVIEW: AMC's Julia Barr (Brooke)
Barr, who will be back on AMC for the show's 40th anniversary episodes in January, told TV Guide Magazine: "You can’t separate the history of the show from the show itself. In a weird way it’s sort of like life. All of a sudden there’s a great uncle who’s no longer around and suddenly you want to ask him something about the past and you realize you can’t. It’s a lost, missed opportunity. Daytime has that same strong kind of history. Viewers are attached to that history! There’s a feeling of real poignancy that things ain't what they used to be. [Laughs] I feel like I’m preaching to the choir."

She also reveals: "Jill Larson [AMC’s Opal] and I are developing a series that she’s been writing for the internet. We’re editing the teaser trailer now. Linda Dano is in it with us. It’s called THE VINDICATED, about three women who are at a point in their lives where they are without their male counterparts for different reasons."

INTERVIEW: AMC's Susan Lucci (Erica)
The Ryan/Erica thing is very new and we have had some fun stuff to play just before Thanksgiving, and certainly Greenlee coming back into the picture will complicate things. I think it might also mean that Jackson may be back, so we can have a lot of complications all the way around.

NBC Universal deal coming soon
Comcast Corp., General Electric and Vivendi are targeting a Thursday announcement of deals that would give Comcast a 51% stake in NBC Uni, sources confirmed Tuesday.

TRUE BLOOD casts two roles
arshall Allman, best known as Dominic Purcell’s son on PRISON BREAK, has landed the plum part of shapeshifter Sam’s younger sib, Tommy. Shannon Lucio has been cast as Bill’s wife, Caroline, to whom he never returned after becoming a vamp during the Civil War.

VIDEO: Behind the scenes at VENICE
Advocate.com goes behind the scenes on the set of VENICE with interviews with Crystal Chappell, Harrison White, Michelle N. Carter, Gina Tognoni, Jessica Leccia, Nadia Bjorlin and more.

NBC's Failure to Negotiate With Employees Puts 'Christmas In Rockefeller Center' at Serious Risk
NBC's failure to bargain fairly with the union that represents nearly 3,000 of the network's producers, writers and technicians has put the lighting of the world's most famous Christmas tree at serious risk. In an attempt to save the annual "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" special, the union launched a new website today - http://NBCStoleChristmas.com - that highlights the "Grinch" within NBC.

NCTA Proposes "A+" Broadband Adoption Program For Low-Income Families
Effort would provide families of middle school students with half price service.

Final season of NIP/TUCK starts Jan. 6
In announcing its midseason lineup, FX said the show will return Wednesday, Jan. 6, while the third season of the Glenn Close legal drama DAMAGES will begin Monday, Jan. 25.

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