Friday, December 11, 2009

NEWS: Burton, ATWT, Zucker, Paterson, Hall, Kennedy

INTERVIEW: GH's Steve Burton (Jason)
"Listen, I just got back from an appearance and there were a lot of Elizabeth and Jason fans. And look, I have a job to do. I love working with Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) and I thought there was probably a lot more they could have told with Jason and Elizabeth and Jake. But that is not the way they went, and that is just how it goes. They want Jason and Sam back together, so now my job is to make that work."

ATWT will be missed in Brooklyn
They’ll be missed, says Ary Ben, manager of Jerusalem Steak House II, located across the street from JC Studios.

“They’re customers over here. Every day I see them,” he told this paper. “Most of them like falafel sandwiches.”

On the same block, Say Bagel & Cheese has also attracted cast members. Benny Shmulke says the stars are low-key.

“Sometimes they come. They’re just like you or me,” he said.

SUDS REPORT: ATWT cancellation special
Headlines include: Will Roger Howarth re-join ONE LIFE? Ratings increase for Oakdale! Soap to cease production mid-June! Chris Goutman’s tearful speech to the cast! P&G vets Paul Rauch and Crystal Chappell weigh in!

Scott Paterson joins the cast of 90210
The former GILMORE GIRLS star will play Liam's dad.

INTERVIEW: DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Galen Gering (Rafe)
Gering was a guest on "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Friday afternoon.

Nielsen Releases Top Ten Lists for Media Industry 2009
While broadcasting's live programming dominated the day-and date viewing, cable topped the list of time-shifted programming.

Jeff Zucker signs new contract
Last week GE not only closed its long-awaited $37.5 billion merger agreement with Comcast to create an enlarged NBC Universal but also quietly signed a new three-year contract with NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker to keep him at the company through 2013.

Cady McClain: Things They Never Tell You
"Instead of dealing with my feelings I began experimenting with various anti-depressants in order to relieve the overall suck factor of the situation, as well as to not deal with the feelings of anger I had about the fertility issue. The writing on AMC did not help, but lets leave that lay where Jesus flang it."

Daniel Kennedy on his AMC exit
"To be honest," he says, "I'm not sure whether people care or not because stuff like this happens all the time in soaps, so I wonder if it's just a given — 'Oh, he fell off a cliff,' just something that's mentioned in conversation."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Seth Hall (Bruce Michael Hall's twin)
Seth left acting, got a doctorate in pharmacy, and now works in research testing possible cancer treatments and cures.

CHUCK This Out: NBC Harnessing Nerd Power
CHUCK already has a huge online fanbase. Now, NBC is hoping to harness the power of the nerd masses to help hype the show's return. The network tonight is launching "Mission: Chuck Me Out." a social media-based game in which Chuckaholics can win prizes and other rewards by spreading the gospel according to Bartowski.

Using the already existing site, fans can sign up their Twitter, Facebook and MySpace campaign for the game. Then, every time they preach CHUCK or get friends to watch a clip of the show or otherwise pimp the series, they'll earn points.

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