Les Moonves on ATWT's Cancellation

In an interview Les Moonves did today with CNBC's David Faber, the CBS chief off-handedly described the network's decision to cancel 54-year-old soap AS THE WORLD TURNS.

The days of the soap operas have changed very much. GUIDING LIGHT left last year. AS THE WORLD TURNS will leave this year. They had long and distinguished runs. And they're day is over.

CBS actually dropped the ax earlier today so by the time David Faber talked to Moonves, he'd probably already heard the show will end next September. But it was probably a call from his wife, Jenny: Jenny Faber's mother is Marie Masters, who started in the role of Dr. Susan Stewart in 1968.

Jenny Farber played Emily Stewart as girl.

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  1. "And they're day is over" So sensitive. What is he taking lessons from Brian Frons?!

  2. That was cold, Les. What did those shows do for your network except give it millions of loyal fans for...GENERATIONS! Sorry for the scream but I still miss my GL and now ATWT.

  3. It still surprises me that these execs went to college business management 101 should of taught them not to alienate there clientèle but yet this is exactly what there doing.

  4. Wow.
    CBS wants loyalty for its shows, but clearly from the top has NO loyalty for its viewers.
    I understand that Les has a business to run, but his business is based upon viewers. Alienating them is NOT part of a good business model.

  5. He's a FUCKER. Sorry to be blunt, but he is. Fat old stupid FUCK!