How Do You Feel About Canceled Soaps In Text Form?

For the past several months, ANOTHER WORLD TODAY, the text revival of ANOTHER WORLD, has been published on Monday's at Throughout December there are two parts a week for each episode - Mondays and Thursday.

In Part #1 of ANOTHER WORLD TODAY Episode #31 released today, Jamie and Grant face off over Kirkland in court.... Felicia tells Cass to go after Kevin with everything he's got - but Frankie has a better idea... Allie gets some life-changing news, and Marley accepts a dangerous dinner invitation.

At the bottom of the episode, the show is conducting a poll asking fans if they would like to see characters from GUIDING LIGHT cross over to AWT? Kevin is working with Rick and Mindy from GL on the latest episode. Would you like to see more of this? And how do you feel about the series in general?

Also, how do you feel about Mindy Lewis' Twitter updates as well. Do you read them? Do you want departed soaps to continue in text form only?


  1. I do follow Mindy's twitter updates and enjoy them. Whoever is writing them knows the characters really well. I haven't read the Another World posts, maybe because it's been 10 years since Another World left the airwaves. I might watch if someone turned Another World into webepisodes though. I think it might be interesting to see say the next generation in Bay City.

  2. I'm not currently reading either.

  3. I enjoy both. I didn't watch a lot of AW during it's day so some of the storylines go over my head. But I'm enjoying it for what it is.

    But I really like Mindy's Twitter because it follows up on plot points and character developments that I wish the show should've actually covered like the sorasing of Leah for example.

  4. Gotta say, I'm not a fan. If the show itself can't be resurrected then I don't want to see the characters going outside the bounds of that world.

  5. Love Mindy's updates. Especially like that Mindy includes GL hisory. And is very accurate with that history.

    Haven't bothered with the AW updates. Show's been off 10 years.

    But now that Mindy is interacting with the AW characters, it's got me more curious to read those Bay City updates. Stil not clear who Kevin Fowler is. Did Sam Fowler have another child? Or another brother besides Mitch?

  6. I don't like Mindy's updates and I don't follow them.

    The ones I have read upset me so much. I don't like them butchering Bizzie quite frankly. Even in friggin' twitter updates my couple has to be tortured.

  7. I read them both and enjoy them both, but especially AW Today. Another World was an awesome soap, and I love that the characters are living on. I wish they would turn into audio or video episodes too, but the text stories are addictive. Twitter is harder to get into.

    Kevin Fowler is really Kevin Thatcher, the son of Sally Frame and David Thatcher. He took his uncle's name after his parents died and he was sent from on adoptive family to another.

  8. I will look at the summary of Mindy's Twitters, but to be honest, it isn't enough to keep my interest.