Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brian Frons & ABC Dedicated to Their Soaps

In an article in the latest TV Guide Magazine about the cancellation of AS THE WORLD TURNS, ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons says he is committed to ABC's soaps.

Even though other soaps are being canceled, we're still dedicated to ours. We're very proud of them and have big plans for the future.


  1. I,as a soap fan, will be dedicated to ABC and their other programming too. CBS doesn't realize that we soap fans have good memories, and ratings for CBS programs will suffer. I will no longer try any more new programs CBS has to offer, nor will I watch the shows taking the place of the soaps they have cancelled. Many of us soap fans are out of the coveted 18-39 demographic, but sponsors should realize that we are making more money than we ever have and having raised our families, we actually have more disposable income to spend than the age group they worship so much. Plus, we are loyal to our programs, and more likely to be at home during prime time tv programming. We don't download music, we actually buy cds and videos, and as creatures of habit, we are more likely to never miss a program we love. Also, after the video of Les Moonves hit the internet, other than Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful, I have stopped watching CBS programming altogether, and this was a sacrifice, because there were several programs set on "permanent record" by my dvr, but I felt it was truly a matter of principle. And, lets face it, with satellite tv, I have so many channels, I don't even miss CBS. Obviously, CBS neither wants nor needs me as a viewer. If they did, they wouldn't have cancelled Guiding Light and now As the World Turns, and the head of the network would not have publicly laughed about soaps having seen their last days. This was a slap in the face of the dedicated soap fan, and even more, I felt as though he was laughing at me, personally. I truly hope ABC continues in their support of soaps and the fans who are so loyal to them, and I, in turn, will stay loyal to them. Thanks. ABC. cj

  2. I just hope he *truly* extends that dedication to OLTL, the best soap that apparently no one is watching :(

  3. Carla - your comment perfectly sums up my feelings, and you said it so eloquently.
    Thank you.

  4. Just in case anyone in power reads this, keep OLTL on the air and I'll watch GH, go back to AMC, hell, I'll even DVR The View and bite my tongue while that idiot Hasslebeck drones on with her right wing crap! Do right by us, we'll do right by you, Brian! Cancel OLTL and I'll never watch ABC Daytime again. I'll resent it. And I won't be the only one. Soap fans can be a vengeful bunch.

  5. I now consider myself an ABC gal. After GL was cancelled I turned back to my first love GH and I'm very happy about that.

    Frons might be full of it but I actually believe him. ABC does seem to somewhat care for their soaps, maybe because they actually own them, I don't know but I do see more passion from the network which is completely lacking over at CBS: