Thursday, December 31, 2009

Audit Bureau Reveals Decade's Best/Worst Circulations

Dan Capell, the former Newsweek circ director who began his consultancy and Capell's Circulation Reports nearly 30 years ago, uses Audit Bureau of Circulations data each January to determine the year's top circulation performers. In the just-released December 2009 CCR, Dan and son Matt Capell compiled 10 years of ABC data to determine which magazines had the decade's best and worst circulation strategies. Here are a few of the highlights from MinOnline:

Best ABC Audited Magazines:
- Allure. Rate base increased 31% during the decade to a current 1.05 million. Missed rate base with just two issues.
- The Economist: Weekly never missed rate base (510 issues) and delivered 14% bonus circ during the decade.
- Weight Watchers: Delivered 123,000 (17%) in bonus circ over a 1.25 million rate base over the decade.

Worst ABC Audited Magazines:
- Ladies' Home Journal: Rate base decreased 8%, yet there were 54 misses out of 120 releases over the decade.
- Soap Opera Digest: Rate base decreased 55%, yet nearly half the 520 releases missed the guarantee over the decade.
- TV Guide: Rate base decreased by nearly 10 million, yet over 37% of the circa 510 releases missed the guarantee over the decade.

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