Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AS THE WORLD TURNS Ends on CBS in September 2010

AS THE WORLD TURNS, the long-running daytime drama, will complete its final season on the CBS Television Network in September 2010. CBS has decided not to renew the show for the 2010/2011 broadcast season, thereby ending its 54-year run on the Network.

"Throughout our history, AS THE WORLD TURNS has remained dedicated to sharing compelling stories that have entertained fans for more than five decades," said Executive Producer Chris Goutman. "We are disappointed and saddened by the news that the show is not being renewed. It will certainly be a loss for all of us, and for the show's loyal audience."

"AS THE WORLD TURNS has been a cornerstone of our business and a tremendous asset to the company," said Brian T. Cahill, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, TeleNext Media, Inc. "We are proactively seeking a new outlet to carry the show, and are open to exploring innovative formats and relationships that will enable the future success of ATWT."

The epitome of multi-generational, serial storytelling, AS THE WORLD TURNS has been entertaining generations of fans for more than half a century. The show boasts a well-loved and long-tenured cast, including actress Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes) who spoke the first words on the premier broadcast of ATWT in 1956. To this day, Nancy is still at the helm of the Hughes family, earning Wagner the distinction of portraying the longest-running character in television history.

Other veteran cast members still on the show today include Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi) and Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes) who each have played their characters for 49 years; Marie Masters (Dr. Susan Stewart) with 41 years; and Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes) who has starred on the show for 37 years.

AS THE WORLD TURNS has tackled many contemporary themes over the years, including AIDS, Alzheimer's, alcoholism and more, while remaining true to the show's rich history and realistic characters. In 1988, the serial made history by introducing daytime television's first gay male character, Hank Eliot (played by Brian Starcher), for which it was honored at the first annual GLAAD media awards in 1990.

Created by Irna Phillips, AS THE WORLD TURNS premiered on April 2, 1956 as a 30-minute live television show, unprecedented at the time for a soap opera. Top-rated from 1959 to 1971, it was the first daytime serial with its own spin-off, Our Private World, which aired in prime-time. The show switched to color on 1967, and expanded from a half-hour in length to one hour in 1975. Over the years, ATWT has been awarded numerous accolades, including 58 Daytime Emmy awards.

Set in the fictional Midwestern town of Oakdale, As The World Turns launched the careers of many now-famous Hollywood celebrities, such as Dana Delaney, James Earl Jones, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, Meg Ryan, and Marisa Tomei to name a few.


  1. Look Brian cahill Is doing were looking for new avenues for the show spin again

    Sit & Spin Sit & Spin

    Just admit P&G doesnt wanna do soaps anymore and sell your intrests so they can hopefully go somewhere where they would be appreciated

  2. So typical. Just as the show was starting to get better. Of course if they took action soon enough in the first place to keep fans' interest then this wouldn't be happening.

  3. I agree with you Brandon. It was a little too late. It's a shame that it took the threat of cancelation to make the writers and the producer shape up and fix the show creatively. Had they done it sooner....who knows? I'm going to hold out hope though that we can get ATWT moved to another station.

    Aside from me not being able to watch the show, I am also saddened that, with the cancelation of ATWT, there were be no soaps filming here in NYC as AMC is moving to LA. Between those two and GL, that's a LOT of jobs that have disappeared for actors in this city.

  4. OLTL is still going to be in NY, but I fear it is next... Which is sad because it is good and has been good.

  5. All teh way from the Netherlands i just found out the bad news about ATWT. I watched ATWT over 20 years and i can't believe that ATWT is comming to an end.
    In the Netherlands the "new" Lily has just entered the show and Katie and Brad are just married.
    I hope they can find another TV-station that will broadcast the most wonderful soap of the world.
    I hope that my english was good enough:).

  6. It saddens me to see CBS close the doors on another long time running soap. I have been a fan of ATWT and GL for 20 years. What are they thinking.

  7. I totally agree, Gee! What in the hell are they thinking?!

    Evelien, you've expressed yourself most beautifully & eloquently about your feelings concerning the soap. I'm from Illinois & I've watched ATWT since I was a 1-year-old in 1957!

  8. I just learned of the cancellation of As The World Turns and am deeply saddened. ATWT is a wonderful soap and the actors and actresses are fabulous. I have faithfully watched ATWT since I was a little girl and watched it with my mom. I am 47 years old and have never tired of this soap unlike other soaps. This is a huge disappointment and the network is making a mistake.

  9. Guess it's just another way of saying us old people don't count. We don't watch so called reality shows and talk shows. Guess it's time when this ends to go back to reading and board games. I will miss ATWT very much. It was always my favorite.