P&G Launches BRIGHTEN BAY with Cameron Mathison

The Procter & Gamble Company today launched BRIGHTEN BAY - a new Cheer soap campaign that will brighten laundry routines at an affordable price. The campaign was inspired by daytime dramas and includes a new ad featuring real-life soap star Cameron Mathison, of ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN. The brands' first major campaign since the introduction of "The Laundress" in 2007, BRIGHTEN BAY is a fun and quirky vehicle which, like soap operas, brings to life all the excitement of the day-to-day happenings in a small community.

The campaign features storylines and webisodes set in Brighten Bay, a colorful community with on-going drama between its neighbors, including: Nurse Nancy, Sandy, David and the hero of Brighten Bay, Dr. Dan, played by soap opera star Cameron Mathison. Viewers will tune in to watch the drama unfold as Dr. Dan goes head-to-head with David in battles involving love, lies and heartbreak.

The campaign will be supported by a robust interactive Web site, www.BrightenBay.com, where viewers can join the community and follow along closely as the plot thickens surrounding Dr. Dan, the bright spot in a dirty world. Visitors to the site will also have access to sweepstakes, soap opera trivia, and other games and activities featured on the BRIGHTEN BAY Facebook® fan page and the BRIGHTEN BAY YouTube® channel.

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Sparkle Like a Star in Brighten Bay with Cameron Mathison

Fans of soap operas across the country can log on to www.BrightenBay.com and
watch the drama unfold in the Brighten Bay community. On the website, consumers can get the latest scoop from Brighten Bay, and they can even enter to win Cheer's "Sparkle Like a Star" Sweepstakes, for a trip for two to Los Angeles. The winner will receive star treatment, including first class accommodations, spa treatments and lunch with BRIGHTEN BAY's very own Dr. Dan, to discuss the campaign's online community and how to add sparkle to their daily lives. The sweepstakes runs from November 3rd, 2009 thru December 11th, 2009 and no purchase is necessary to join. Consumers can enter and see official rules at www.BrightenBay.com.

"Daytime dramas have long been a guilty pleasure in America," remarked Cameron
Mathison. "What I love about Brighten Bay is that it's a fun and clever campaign, but also - just like a real soap opera - it aims to connect with women and give them something to look forward to each day, helping to brighten up their routines. The campaign website, BrightenBay.com.allows people to delve deeper to learn all about the back stories in BRIGHTEN BAY, and even have a chance to fly out to LA to be treated like a star."

Sparkling Bright at a New Lower Price*

The campaign celebrates Cheer's longstanding commitment to provide consumers with sparkling bright clothes - now at a new, lower price point.* Like many daytime dramas, Cheer helps bring balance to laundry-doer's lives by providing outstanding whitening and brightening. Now, the new lower price point* also offers a great value, making consumers feel like they have a simple solution at their fingertips.

"The new BRIGHTEN BAY soap opera campaign for Cheer was a natural next step for the brand," said Carrie Costello, Cheer Brand Manager. "We wanted to hone in on the relationship with our consumer and connect with her on an emotional level. The campaign is a clever way to brighten up her routine while the new price point provides her with a product that cleans clothes sparkling bright at a great value."

To learn more about Cheer and Brighten Bay, visit www.Cheer.com and www.BrightenBay.com for additional information.

*Based on manufacturer's suggested retail price.


  1. Hmmm...why couldn't have P&G brought Otalia to the web....they certainly did their fair share of laundry!

  2. Renville68, I suspect that Otalia wasn't the "wholesome", mindless and annoyingly condescending type of programming this venture looks to be. We woman only care about cheap and fresh smelling laundry and to get relief from our dreary lives with handsome soap doctors. Barf.

  3. Why do P&G continue to waste their time making a mockery of a medium that they helped create to sell their products. This is the kind of crap that sank their soaps. Why would anyone be compelled to buy their products when they're reminded of the senseless writing that sent GL, AW, and so many others to their story grave.

  4. Why Cameron Mathison? The guy is so overexposed already.

  5. Why not use an ATWT actor for some cross promoting or give some work to an out of work GL actor?

  6. You all make interesting points. P&G did a Tide soap two years ago called Crescent Heights.

    But that was starring unknown actors. I was surprised to hear Cameron Mathison is the lead for this. I guess I have associated P&G with CBS since AW went off the air so casting an ABC wasn't what I expected.

    And I agree, an Otalia web series or some tie-in to ATWT or GL would have been great. You can promote the product and still cross promote your other shows.

  7. I watched some just to make sure if indeed the girl was Elisa Donovan (it was) and it's like a spoof or something. Personally I wouldn't want any of the GL actors involved in this silliness or having to promote P&G.

  8. It's always good to have P&G products brought to my attention so this Otalia-fan can avoid them entirely. The haters in the Red States aren't the only ones who can boycott.

  9. I think you've all missed the point. If P&G invented soap operas, then they should be able to spoof them too. It shows that they're willing to make fun of themselves, something none of you posters seem to be able to do. Why not watch some of the clips, they're pretty funny.