Saturday, November 7, 2009

News Round-up: Phelps, Franco, Spirtas, Scott, Chappell

James Franco in more than 10 episodes of GH
James Franco will appear in more than 10 episodes of GENERAL HOSPITAL, executive producer Jill Farren Phelps told EW. On Franco’s first day of taping Oct. 30, the Milk co-star filmed 65 pages – “pretty Herculean in terms of memorization,” Phelps said. He’ll return to the set two more times in preparation for his Nov. 20 debut as a mystery guy who comes to Port Charles. His role will play out over a two-month period.

“When we first talked to James, we asked him if he really knew what he was getting into,” Phelps told EW. “But he was dazzling in terms of being able to memorize his lines. He has a remarkable process. He never forgot his lines.”

Phelps said conversations with Franco began more than six months ago when he indicated through his manager that he wanted to act in a daytime drama. “I was like, really? Are you kidding?” recalls Phelps. “He had heard it was hard and thought it would be fun.”

Franco’s only request was that he’d play an artist who was “a little off,” said Phelps, who declined to reveal more about his mystery character.

INTERVIEW: GH executive producer Jill Farren Phelps
On James Franco's character: "He’s an unusual character and he has an unusual goal. We’re not saying anything about what he’s doing because we want people to tune in, obviously. Unlike other times when we try to grab people, we think James is enough of a hook. He interacts with a lot of characters, but his primary story arc has to do with Jason."

On Franco's billing: "A special guest star. If I could, I would have said extremely special movie star guest star. Just kidding."

On vocal soap fans: "It depends — we certainly pay attention to what the fans say. There was once an old-timer in the business who said, 'If they’re mad, that’s good, they’re watching.' Sometimes you have to take into account that the thing that people say they don’t like, is the same thing that’s keeping them glued to the set."

Brad Maule's TEXAS COUNTY LINE expanding
"For the most part, you don't hear or see what we call classic country on many radio or TV shows these days," Maule said in the announcement. "Our audience response has been amazing, which tells us that there are lots of folks out there who still want to hear and see what we're offering."

Texas County Line also is carried on stations and cable systems in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, Temple, Dallas/Fort Worth and Nashville, Tenn. Officials also said, beginning in early 2010, the show will air in many European countries.

Putting LA at the heart of world culture (Bell & Star)
Next weekend marks the 30th birthday of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. It is a respectable reason for celebration, but there is more. The occasion also commemorates the museum’s renaissance. Maria Arena Bell, creative producer and writer for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTELSS, has been elected a co-chairman of the museum, while Darren Star (90210, MELROSE) is a new board member.

Kerns and Spirtas begin "Loaded" Off-Broadway tonight
Elliot Ramón Potts' "Loaded," which asks if a one night stand between two men can turn into more, begins previews Off-Broadway at the Lion Theatre Nov. 7. Michael Unger directs the two-hander that features Scott Kerns as Jude and Kevin Spirtas (DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ONE LIFE TO LIVE) as Patrick.

Soapside: Advocate's Guide to Daytime
The new Soapside column features the following and more:
*Behind the Scenes of VENCE chats with Chappell, Leccia, Turrisi, Tognoni, Bjorlin
*Forbes March and nnother gay character bites the dust
*Eden Riegel not returing to AMC
*Soap Boffo Performances by Men- Michael Park and Maurice Benard
*Cameron Mathison as Dr. Dan
*Beemer half naked

Jordan Clarke recovering from stroke
Jordan Clarke (ex-Billy, GUIDING LIGHT) recently suffered a stroke and is recovering. "Jordan Clarke was in L.A. working on VENICE, the Web series," explained the president of his official fan club in a statement. "He had a mild stroke between L.A. and N.Y. His prognosis is good and he's expected to fully recover.

INTERVIEW: DAYS star James Scott (EJ)
It has been confusing, but I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I think this has been a really good storyline, and there was a time when it ran into a risk
of being the trap I spoke of, of going on a bit too long, and they kept teasing the end of the story far too much, and to my mind it became a bit tedious. Aside from that, it has been a really strong story and it has had a lot of different twists and turns that I liked. I was chatting with our executive producer yesterday and he was going to give me some information on what is going to happen to EJ into next year and it was lovely. My jaw just dropped and I went, 'What? Wow!'"

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  1. "Franco’s only request was that he’d play an artist who was “a little off,” said Phelps, who declined to reveal more about his mystery character."
    TRANSLATION: He will play an artist who is a little off, has ties to the mob and an urge to kill or harm women and children, because that's how they roll in Port Charles.