Friday, November 6, 2009

ATWT's Never Surrender Tour Kicks Off Today

The "Never Surrender" tour kicks off on today's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS. Michael Park offered We Love Soaps a preview when we joined the show at a recent location shoot in Greenville, South Carolina.

This is about Jack trying to make things right for the accident with Brad basically, and trying to make things right for Katie and their new baby. He's out trying to find himself and find a way to make things right with Katie. In doing so, he starts off with Peter Parros in Philadelphia. He meets up with Ben Harris. Ben then tells him where Mike Kasnoff may be. He hooks up with Mike [in Greenville] and Mike can not help in this dilemma. Mike then points him toward Simon Fraser who is coming as well. He's going to Pittsburgh to look for Simon. In doing so, some of the relationships he's had in the past may be torn apart in ways, and some will be mended. I don't know exactly where the chips are going to fall.

If you haven't watched ATWT in a while, now is a great time to start. You can watch my interview with Michael Park below which aired on this week's episode of WE LOVE SOAPS TV.

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  1. Much like Roger - every time I hear the "Never Surrender Tour" I think about when Corey Hart had a guest appearance on Paper Dolls playing the love interest of Nicolette Sheridan.

    I've never been a fan of storylines that have names - e.g. The cruise of deception, eterna, etc..- because it is usually about plot vs. character. However, this time it seems like the purpose is provide a source of change for Jack and so I remain hopeful & on the edge of my sofa in anticipation.