Friday, October 2, 2009

Soapside: Advocate's Guide to Daytime

In his latest column for The Advoate, Michael Fairman spoke with Austin Peck about the Daytime Emmys and his exit from AS THE WORLD TURNS.

“I think when people see what is coming up with the story line [which facilitates my exit from the show] they will see that there was a lot of time and effort put into it. It was not a, 'Hey, we need to get rid of somebody.' It was story-driven, and it is just sad that my character has to be at the end of it. I think it’s the best story line I have seen them do in a long time, and some of the best work I have seen Terri Colombino [Katie] do for a long time. Julie Pinson [Janet] and Michael Park [Jack] also are terrific, as you will see. ... And while at the same time I am flattered to be a part of it, I am sad that I ended up on the cutting room floor! Everybody at the show has been loving, kind, and supportive, and they have expressed their shock and bewilderment at the decision by the show to end Brad. They have been really kind to me.”

And that is good to hear, because online rumors circulated around last month's Daytime Emmy Awards that Peck’s ATWT castmates did not want him to sit at the official after-party dinner table with them, further fueling the rumor that he was unpopular with the cast. According to Peck, “That is the furthest thing from the truth! I was sitting right next to Ewa Da Cruz [Vienna] and Trent Dawson [Henry] and across the table from Teri, and Jon Lindstrom [Craig] was next to me. I was sitting with my castmates.”

Peck also discusses his role in The Blue Tooth Virgin.

The new Soapside column also includes ONE LIFE TO LIVE's same-sex marriage-athon, an update from VENICE, and James Franco heading to GENERAL HOSPITAL.

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