Monday, October 12, 2009


As Evan and Cappie’s friendship grows stronger, Casey is on a mission to find out what’s happening between them. When Casey tries to trick Cappie into telling her, a brawl starts between the KT’s and OX’s, leaving Casey with no answers. However Casey’s sheer determination leads her to follow Cappie into the Amphora Lair. Will Casey’s detective work risk Cappie and Evan’s newfound friendship and the secrecy of the Amphora’s society? Tune in for an all new episode of the ABC Family hit series GREEK, tonight(9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “The Dork Knight,” was written by Adam Milch and directed by Rick Rosenthal.

Rusty, Dale and Calvin decide to take a trip to Comic-Con to take Rusty’s mind off Jordan. On the way, Rusty meets an “Alien Girl” also going to the event. In the crowd of superheroes and Martians, Rusty manages to find her, but is too anxious for a relationship and scares her off. Rusty is struggling to let go of Jordan and decides to Skype her with a Comic-Con computer – the same computer hooked up to the big screen for the Q& A taking place with John De Lancie.

Back at CRU, Ashleigh and Fisher begin dating again, but they both feel like they have to walk on egg shells around each other and continue to have trust issues.

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