Friday, October 9, 2009

POLL: Which Daytime EP is Currently Doing Best Job?

Which current daytime executive producer is doing the best job with his/her soap in 2009? The results will be posted on Monday.


  1. Where's the "none of the above" option, Roger? ;-)

  2. Renville68 knowing Days she'll be on that plane for another two weeks ;)

  3. What? No Ellen Wheeler on the list? LOL! Just kidding!

  4. I would have voted for Wheeler, personally.

    None of these people are perfect, and Wheeler made her share of mistakes. (God, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young knows she did!)

    But GL was the closest to classic soap for most of its last year. And she worked her ass off.

    I think Frank Valentini would be the best of the current EPs. He's lent some consistency to OLTL, even when the story changes wildly.

    I have mixed feelings about Rauch. I did at GL, and I do with what's happening at Y&R.

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  6. I would've voted for Ellen Wheeler, as well. I can't vote for any of the rest at the moment.