Monday, October 26, 2009

News Round-up: Kish, Braeden, ATWT in Greenville, Antonio

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's "Kish" Makes It Official
Scott Evans previews this week's story: "After everything that’s gone on between them, there’s no way they’re about to put a ring on it just yet. But, yeah, they decide to be a couple and even that won’t be easy because something always comes up—no pun intended. Kyle is a med student on call, Fish is a cop on call, so it’ll be tough to schedule a relationship. It’ll be frustrating for the fans who’ve been waiting so long for them to get together but, eventually, they’ll get what they want. We gotta take it one step at a time."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Eric Braeden (Victor)
" Let us just say that we arrived at a mutually beneficial arrangement. Obviously, I was very touched by the fans' reaction and support. I must say in all humbleness, it touched me. I had no idea. I am inclined to be a cynic about some things, and I did not expect this type of outpouring.

"As you know, in any kind of divorce or loss like that, you go through so many emotions, you can't think straight for awhile. It is kind of a grieving process. It is all kinds of emotions rolled into one. It is very difficult to ascertain to what degree one is important to the fabric of the whole thing. You don't know until afterwards. That is the enormous gamble that you take. It is impossible to foretell."

Top 10 Lessons to Learn From NBC's Failing Leno Strategy
#2 Allowing one outsize personality to hijack your brand identity is generally not a good idea.

Some familiar sites around Greenville are about to get national attention as ATWT comes to town for two days of filming
Executive producer Christopher Goutman “is really excited to bring the show to the fans, and not just through their living room but actually to their town,” said show senior publicist Lisa Lugassy.

The Greenville episodes, which will also feature 10 Upstate residents chosen in a September casting call, will begin airing on CBS Nov. 11.

MY ANTONIO finale winner: as last episode airs, her romance with Antonio Sabato Jr. already off
On the final episode of the celebrity dating series, the 37-year-old ex-soap opera star chose to live happily ever after with Brooke Barlow, but Barlow has told VH1 that the honeymoon is already over.

"I am not in touch with Antonio. We haven't spoken in two, three months," the 30-year old nurse told the network. "We put effort into it. I met his children. . . . We had a great time - as good of a time as you could have indoors with no outside contact. It was really nice getting to know him and his children."

AOL picks nine-member board of directors
Former William Morris chairman and CEO James Wiatt, recently retired CBS Corp. CFO Fredric Reynolds, former FCC chairman Michael Powell and Paley Center boss Patricia Mitchell will join executives from the Internet, finance and marketing worlds on the board that will form once AOL's separation from Time Warner is completed later this year.

WHITE COLLAR Continues White Hot Streak For USA
The new Matthew Bomer drama drew 5.367 million total viewers, including 1.79 million 18-49.


  1. Were the Leno fiasco not such a disaster for local affiliates, gravely affecting the survival of those stations, I might laugh at NBC.

    This is just further proof that Jeff Zucker is a screw up when it comes to programming broadcast TV.

    NBC is slicing its affiliates' throats.

    I used to watch many of NBC's 10 o'clock shows. They're all gone or scattered. Now, I'm forced to turn to CBS, ABC, or the Internet.

    Leno has a 1 year contract. What will NBC do? If there were any other show, it would be canceled.

  2. The Leno analysis is amazing. "Not even meatloaf...more like the stale Funyons at the back of the cupboard".

    Braeden cracks me up...all these interviews, and in this one he all but admits that the press war was gamesmanship--sport--brinkmanship.

    With each week, I admire the Kish saga more and more. A real, relatable romance with believable obstacles. The frustration builds...until it comes to delicious conclusion.