Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eric Braeden Talks to EW About His Y&R Exit...Again

In his third "exclusive" this week, Eric Braeden is again speaking out about his exit from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS with Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly.

You taped your last episode on Sept. 23. Was that the way you wanted Victor to go?
No. It was rushed. It was obviously meant to intimidate. It was obviously done with enormous forethought to coincide with the end of the 26-week cycle. Essentially that is what the business is doing now and has been doing for a while. And quite frankly, it’s outrageous. When I sign a three-year deal, I’m obligated to fulfill that deal. The producers, however, can come to me after a half-year and say, “We’ve changed our minds.” Where in the world of business does this kind of contract exist? Do I blame the people for wanting to squeeze as much out of us as they can? I do not. The question is, when do you squeeze too much?

Would you do another daytime drama?
I doubt that. Never say never in this business or in life, but I doubt that.

What does this say about the state of the industry when a production company is asking the star of the No. 1 show in daytime to take a pay cut? Should everyone be worried?
Yes, though it depends on what the star does. All options are open right now. What can I tell you? I know there are certain economic realities that dictate the actions they are taking right now, but the manner in which its being done is most insulting.

As of today, are you willing to take what Sony offered?
No. There is no appreciation of the fact that I’ve been an important part of the show for 29 years that has been no. 1 in the ratings. That’s extraordinary. So to be dealt with in a perfunctory matter as if you had just known these people for a few months is what is most offensive. This is a certain corporate culture now that is very deleterious.

We Love Soaps would also love an exclusive on this story! In all seriousness, Sony needs to pay the man. In any business or team, there are some people who mean more than others, that bring certain intangible qualities and charisma and skill to the table that not everyone has. Braeden has earned his spot on this show and Y&R is underestimating his value it seems. Of course, we have yet to hear much from the other side.

Braeden's self-produced film, The Man Who Came Back, received a lot of press in the past year. Will Braeden come back to Y&R? Stay tuned!


  1. I feel badly for actors like Braeden who are being forced out of the business by being offered slave wages. Basically, Braeden has no effective union to back him up. If Ken Howard and the new Screen Actors Guild gets their way, the quality of entertainment in the U.S. is going continue to deteriorate. More cheap productions, such as reality television, which are highly profitable to producers and networks, will take over the airwaves. In the near future, actors will no longer receive residuals and more productions will take place outside the U.S. Once the middle class of the actors union is destroyed, many of the recognizable actors, such as Braeden, will be driven from the business. It is a sad state of affairs which has been facilitated by the inability of the AFTRA and SAG members to collectively bargain with studios and producers. Producers are effectively pitting AFTRA members against SAG members, threatening not to be a signatory if the union doesn't buckle under.

  2. My thought now that I know they wanted him to take a pay cut essentially BEFORE his contract is officially up for renewal Nov 2010 I believe it is - is that Sony/CBS should honor the current contract/pay. It's not like the actor is not open to taking a pay cut as he said he will when his current contract is up next year. YandR simply needs to clean house and get rid of actors/storylines whose performances are dragging the show down (to be able to pay their Vets until new contracts are negotiated at reduce salary). Eric Braeden will be back - he'd better as I'm not ready or will ever be ready to have Michael Muhney's version of Adam Wilson try and fill the void, TGVN shoes. Now if somehow it were possible for Chris Engen to step back into the role of Adam - Victor Junior - I'd be on board for that. I'm just not feeling tremendous love for Michael Muhney.

  3. The Young and the Restless has been a part of my life for at least 20 years. I have loved the fact that the show continues to include TALENTED actors rather than just pretty faces.I am so disheartened to find out that the finest actor on the program is being treated so disrespectfully. Eric Braeden has done a wonderful job portraying such a complex character, and he has been a fan favorite for 30 years! Mr. Braeden has spent half of his life dedicated to his Young and the Restless career, and has been one of the main reasons that the show has been at the top of the ratings.
    There is no Young and the Restless with out Victor Newman!!!!

  4. I've been watching Y & R since 1973 and have seen the love/hate relationship between the viewer and "Victor" mature. It's a shame to see the talent of the veteran actor go so unappreciated as it does in the workplace throughout this country. If this is a ratings move, fine, but if it's the real thing Eric will be sorely missed.

  5. Mr Eric Braeden,VICTOR
    I have watched the Y&R since it first came on, and always loved you and the character of Victor Newman. I am your age and am tired of the teens and young kids that are on the show. They could get rid of half of the young ppl and keep you and Nikki. At times I have not liked your story line, but I am aware you are not the writer. I keep my fingers crossed, but if you leave the show, I can assure you I will never watch the show again. God Bless you in what you do, and where ever life takes you. I have many discs of past years I can always watch of you and Nikki. My favorite was your beautiful wedding. You are a class act all the way, and in my book, CBS and Sony are loosing the best actor Y&R has ever had.