Thursday, October 8, 2009


On this day 36 years ago, on October 8, 1973, ANOTHER WORLD's Steve and Alice had one of their most memorable conversations.


  1. Another World was the first soap I ever watched. Loved the Steve, Alice, Rachel triangle.

  2. I wish more of the Steve/Rachel/Alice triangle episodes were online.

  3. So do we all, Roger, but sadly I don't know if there is much left in the NBC/P & G Archives from George's time period. All I know right now is that the following footage still survives, at least in private collections:

    1. July 2 & 3, 1968 - Steve's first appearance and his meeting of Alice, Rachel, and Russ at Walter and Lenore's Wedding (black and white kinescope, I believe).

    2. Various clips from the fall of 1973 and early 1974 (color kinescope clips - this could have been a compilation reel done for Jacqueline Courtney, as she is the only common denominator in all of the clips, themselves - Steve appears in a few of them).

    3. Another Steve/Rachel color kinescope clip from around 1973 (also has scenes with Rachel and Ada) - this was shown briefly on both the George Reinholt "Entertainment Tonight" segment and during Rachel's "25th Anniversary" week in 1997.

    4. September 4, 1974 (the only full kinescope known to exist in general circulation, black and white).

    Plus various audio clips from 1968 - 1972.

    I have no idea if any other footage exists with P & G.

  4. I love seeing this scene. George and Jacquie both look so very young and gorgeous. Fantastic. I do find the dialogue a bit stilted but all in all, excellent soap. BTW, I love your site.

  5. But you have to love the stilted conversation, very soapy. This was from a period when it was about character, the build up and then the pay off and the after-effects. Now it is just story, story, story. ATWT, for example, is all boring young characters and way too fast story.

  6. I have to say it: this scene is a LOT more funny if you read my interview with Harding Lemay here at WeLoveSoaps.

  7. Thanks for this clip. Is it possible to have a link to the poster's You Tube account? I would like to subscribe to whoever posted it.

    The defunct World of Soap Themes site had several memorable clips featuring Jacqueline Courtney's Alice. Does anyone know if they are still available somewhere? Among them were:

    - Scene featuring Susan Sullivan's Leonore and the late David Bailey's Russ breaking into Alice's home in order to help pull her through a mental breakdown.

    - Wonderful clip of the late Irene Dailey's Liz attempting to break up a verbal and then physical fight between Rachel and Alice. It depicts Victoria Wyndham in Rachel's hateful stage and Courtney's Alice chasing her out of the house complete with objects being thrown down the staircase.

    - Scene featuring Courtney and the late Constance Ford as Ada. The latter arrives to see Alice's mother Mary. Ada senses Alice is not well and counsels her. Without Rachel's name ever being mentioned, it is clear that Ada is sympathetic to her daughter's nemesis.