Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Goutman on ATWT's Never Surrender Tour

AS THE WORLD TURNS executive producer Chris Goutman spoke with TV Guide about Jack's upcoming road trip where he visits Philadelphia, Greenville, Pittsbugh and New York City.

This is a romance story, as well. We’re listening to the fans. They’ve been clamoring to see Jack and Carly get back together. It’s a soul-searching mission for him but she’s the one who brings him back to Oakdale. In fact, she’s really the only one who can bring him back. It’s like a reversal of the guy going to save the damsel-in-distress. But if we are to bring them back together they’ve got to come from new and different places. Jack can’t be judgmental anymore. Carly can’t be so devil-may-care. They have a lot of wear and tear and it won’t be an instantaneous getting together. They will have many obstacles to overcome. This is going to be a new incarnation of Jack and Carly, not the same-old same-old.

I was on location with ATWT on Tuesday in Greenville, and if the scenes I watched today are any indication, fans are going to love this story. Look for a video report on the next episode of WE LOVE SOAPS TV.

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  1. I was on the location shoot in Philly and the scenes looked really really good. I think we are in for a really good story here and I can't wait to see verything pan out. I'm glad that it seems Greenville was a great experience too.