Thursday, October 8, 2009

Barrios Family Plans Suit Against SOAPnet

First Coast News has an update on the story of the family of the boy whose picture was used without permission on NIGHT SHIFT.

An attorney for the family of Christopher Barrios Jr. plans to file a civil suit Thursday against the SOAPnet entertainment channel.

A picture of the little boy who was kidnapped and murdered in Brunswick was used as a prop in a scene of GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT.

SOAPnet is owned by Disney, which has apologized and called the slip-up an indefensible error.

Christopher's family has said they have no idea how the network got his picture, and had no right to use it in an entertainment program. The attorney says the complaint is signed, but he's waiting until tomorrow to file, so the other side can read through it first.

On Tuesday evening, a judge sentenced David Edenfield to death for kidnapping, molesting and murdering Christopher.

Edenfield is the first of three suspects to go to trial in the case.

- Murdered Boy's Photo Used As Prop On NIGHT SHIFT


  1. I can see the families someone at Disney did not get permission to use that picture but think of the family this probably brought back all those memories.

  2. Suing seems wrong. Why wouldn't an apology be suitable?

  3. Soapnet apologized. They then used many months of PSAs (I think Sabato Jr. did them) about the issue. They have covered their bases.

    The tragedy is horrible; the picture's release is awful; but now, this last bit is a money grab pure and simple. For shame!

  4. Since Christopher's killer was sentenced yesterday, the family was probably asked about the SOAPnet thing and that's why it came up again.

  5. I sympathize with the family, but also feel this is purely financial. Somebody made a mistake; it surely wasn't intentional. The photo was never rerun in repeats of the episode. The family is looking for a payday as far as I'm concerned.