Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News Round-up: Sweeney, Gaius, Peeples, Chappell

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Scott Evans (Fish) and his mom, Lisa
"The hardest part was my mom separating the fact that I am not actually sad in these scenes. So, if she sees me cry in the scenes, she is not supposed to cry in these scenes as Barbara. But, as my mother, I could see her wanting to cry. She said to me, 'I can’t keep the tears in if you are going to start crying.' It was great. The first scenes she was doing were not with me. I was watching and it was the closest thing I felt to being a proud parent. It must have been like how she felt about her children when she watched us onstage while we were growing up. It was cool to experience that."

INTERVIEW: HOLLYOAKS producer Lucy Allan
On the show's first non-linear week coming up next week: "I guess the easiest way to explain it is that time doesn't follow chronologically. For example, the Wednesday of that week is actually the Thursday from the previous week. So the timeline is non-literal. By the Friday episode, you're back in Friday - you're at the end of the week as you would be. You start at the end of the week, though! The Monday picks up at the end of the week, but as you work through and put the pieces together, the time falls back into chronology."

VIDEO INTERVIEW: DAYS' Alison Sweeney (Sami)
Sweeney was a guest on Ali Landry's SPOTLIGHT TO NIGHTLIGHT where she spoke about about how she juggles two busy day jobs while trying to raise two young children: Ben, 4, and Megan, 8 months.

INTERVIEW: Former Y&R star Nia Peeples
Peeples appeared on "Brandon's Buzz" on Tuesday.

INTERVIEW: Former FNL star Gaius Charles (ex-Smash)
"I had, obviously, great relationships on that show, was really close to a lot of the cast, and I talked to [Peter Berg] last night because I have a friend who is actually his assistant now. And I was catching up with him, and we were just talking about how amazing it's been. Three years of just total joy and creativity. We all hoped it would be successful and would go on for three, four, five seasons, but it's actually at a place where it has done that and we can look back and remember how it all started. It's great. And they have a whole new cast, and they're starting a new school or something like that, but it's great to see how the story evolves, and I really feel honored and blessed to be a part of it."

Ashlee Simpson, Alicia Silverstone & Connie Britton Join Forces For Redboook: Cover Story
A triple threat has taken over Redbook magazine's October issue as MELROSE PLACE star Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, author/actress Alicia Silverstone and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS principal and mommy Connie Britton rock the cover of the mag in gold dresses.

EASTENDERS' Westbrook: 'McFadden mentored me'
EASTENDERS actress Danniella Westbrook has credited co-star Steve McFadden for helping her through her soap comeback. The 35-year-old signed up to reprise her role as Walford's Sam Mitchell in April following a break from her TV career.

She told PA: "I was very nervous because I hadn't done anything for five years and I hadn't done any acting for ten years, so Steve mentored me and talked me through stuff and helped me out. My first two weeks were spent constantly with Steve so I was very lucky. They were very kind to me in that sense."

INTERVIEW: GL's Crystal Chappell (Olivia)
"There were a few of us like Grant, Tina and others that talked about working for very little so we could take GL to the Internet. But it was a no-go. Of course a lot of us would have stayed on and worked for a lot less to make it happen. I think that it’s possible to have soap operas around for a long time if they majorly cut their costs. It comes down to money and we have to figure out a way to tell story for a let less money."

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  1. Wait your telling me that the actors that play Olivia, Beth, Lillian and more would of been paid pennies just to keep GL on the air and P&G still gave up on finding the a new home? Sounds like P&G just wanted out.