Friday, September 25, 2009

News Round-up: Braun, Deidrick, Rogers, Mathison

CBS Web Traffic Soars
CBS's Web site was the most-visited broadcast network site for the week ending Sept. 19, with 36.63% of traffic, according to Hitwise, which samples more than 10 million users. NBC was second with 23.81%, followed by ABC with 16.22% and Fox with 14.10%.

Cameron Mathison Discovers Advances in Treating Perthes
It wasn't until Mathison, of Ontario, Canada, told GOOD MORNING AMERICA his own story about his struggle with Perthes that he realized how much things had changed.

"So, am I hearing that I may have worn that brace for four years for no reason?" Mathison asked Dr. Joshua Hyman of New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, only half-joking.

"Well, partly," Hyman said. "There's little doubt, I think, in the pediatric orthopedic community that immobilizing the children with Perthes is probably not the best thing for them."

DAYS' Casey Deidrick: I'm Back!
"Just recently, the Days cast had a much-needed two-week break. The week prior, I taped six episodes, and the week prior to that, I taped five episodes. Also known as, 'Hell Week.'"

Wake Forest football player named after Tristan Rogers
Sophomore Tristan Dorty of Wake Forest expected a shorter, more direct path to playing time when he was switched from linebacker to defensive end two springs ago. That's one reason he didn't mind the move. He was named after a former star of daytime drama. Dorty said that his grandmother saw the name on a soap opera, presumably that of Australian Tristan Rogers who played the role of Robert Scorpio for many seasons on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Tamara Braun like Murad
Celebrities keep their award-winning complexions flawless thanks to skincare from Murad. Tamara Braun receives facials at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa in El Segundo. Like Jeff Probst and Toni Collette, Braun uses the Environmental Shield line to combat daily exposure to Los Angeles’ sun, smog, and air pollution and keep her face glowing.

Ikea gets its own soap opera with user generated IKEA HEIGHTS
Ikea is starring in its own soap opera. But this is not an official brand driven project. Instead the home store acts as backdrop for the user generated IKEA HEIGHTS. The concept was conceived by a Californian trio – David Seger, Paul Bartunek and Tom Kauffman - as an entry for's monthly video competition. The debut video was such a success that the project has evolved into a series of four.

GREY'S ANATOMY bids farewell to a friend
While a brief fake-out suggested that the brain-dead John Doe wasn't George after all, of course it was, and George was officially gone on last night's season premiere.

Hispanic TV Summit: Telemundo's Browne -- Count On Census 2010 Being A 'Game-Changer'
Don Browne, in an interview during the Hispanic Television Summit, sponsored by B&C and Multichannel News Sept. 24, made it abundantly clear that Hispanics and media whoserved them should expect big things after their numbers are tallied.

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