Thursday, September 17, 2009

INDIE SOAP BEAT Extra: C2C Looking For Cast Members

Digital soap CHICAGO TO CORONADO has announced a search for everyday people living interesting lives who deserve to be a soap opera character.

CHICAGO TO CORONADO (C2CSoap), the world’s first digi-soap opera, issued a call today for new cast members. The indie online soap opera invites soap opera lovers and everyday intriguing people to submit a request to become a celebrity star in the comfort of their own home without lifting a finger. The announcement comes one day before Guiding Light™, the longest running daytime television drama, airs its final show after 72 adventure-filled years.

CHICAGO TO CORONADO's call for new cast members opens the door for soap opera fans everywhere to become involved in a sudsy storyline in a way never achieved with traditional television soap operas.

"Are you an undiscovered superstar? Is your life already a soap opera? Tell us why you are interesting enough to be a soap opera star and you may get the chance to live out your fantasies online," said C2CSoap Creator and former Entrepreneur Magazine monthly marketing columnist, Kirsten Osolind. "Submit a request to become our newest C2CSoap character and earn the 15 minutes or 72 years of fame you know you deserve."

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To become eligible, simply visit and enter your name, contact information, and proposed character description (either fictional or autobiographical). You can even upload a picture or a video clip.

C2CSoap will carefully evaluate all entries and select future cast members based on originality and storyline fit.

It’s safe and easy: CHICAGO TO CORONADO's staff of writers will work with selected new cast members to bring their character to life and write the character into the C2CSoap storyline, all while protecting individual privacy.

For the uninitiated, C2CSoap follows the reinvention of a former big city agency CEO after she relocates to Coronado Island. Romance and suspense with Navy SEALs, OtherGov operators, small town politics, and puppies ensues. C2CSoap experiences 41% fan growth every 21 days and now counts 30,000 total Twitter followers across a cast of 7 tweeting characters. C2CSoap fans outnumber Coronado Island's total population. The story is told via a website and e-newsletter combined with powerful social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr (a photo sharing site), Vimeo and Bubbletweet (video sharing sites). Fans contribute to the storyline in real time – like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book – voting on weekly plot ideas, sharing personal stories, and posting multi-media.

As entertainment takes a turn in a new direction and soap opera ratings experience a decline, digi-soap operas like C2CSoap change the media landscape with user generated content, increased opportunities for audience engagement, and enhanced “point of purchase” product placement for show sponsors and advertisers.

To join in on the fun, visit: Follow C2CSoap’s main storyline on Twitter at Interested investors and sponsors are welcome to contact 619.342.4411 for more information.

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