Sunday, September 20, 2009


The GUIDING LIGHT finale had a big impact in mainstream pop culture this week. Not only did magazines and newspapers like Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times cover the ending of the show, internet searches, Facebook postings and tweets on Twitter went through the roof as well.

The past few days GUIDING LIGHT was in the Yahoo Buzz Top 20 TV Searches rankings which is a rarity. The "#ThankYouGL" tag was a trending topic on Twitter Friday morning as high as #3 that day. The number of newspaper articles was more than I have ever seen for the show. The cancellation story back in April was printed everywhere but it was mostly the same story re-printed. Dozens of local newspapers did their own unique stories this time around featuring feedback from fans.

There was also the television coverage on 60 MINUTES, CONNECT THE WORLD, CBS EARLY SHOW and even ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT (among several others).

I know several people who tuned in the final week who were fans in the past. The ratings should be up when they come out next week. But if they're not, it's just another sign that the Nielsen system does not accurately measure who is tuning in.

GUIDING LIGHT isn't completely gone though. Mindy is still active on Twitter and will be tweeting about her wedding to Rick on Monday.

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  1. "Guiding Light" has been a "Hot Topic" on ABC News' website ( since Friday. As of right now, it's the third hottest topic on the site (AFTER health care!)