Monday, September 21, 2009

GOTHAM: Coming November 2009

As previously hinted, GOTHAM is web series to start airing in November 2009 starring Martha Byrne (Catherine Prescott), Michael Park (Richard Manning) and Anne Sayre (Tina Havens).

Production begins on October 17th in Bergen County (New Jersey).

The ensemble cast will include stars from the world of daytime television and will introduce up and coming new talent.

With original music from current artists, and cutting edge fashion, GOTHAM will be a world in which the audience will have a front row seat to what makes scripted drama soar.

In the next few weeks, a website will be ready for everyone to log on and enjoy the roller coaster ride of the New York City elite.

In a story preview, the show has revealed that Richard Manning and Catherine Prescott cross paths at a fundraiser in the suburbs of New York after not seeing each other after many years.

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P.S. The soap genre is not dead. It is being reinvented. Soaps are alive and well in primetime and in the independent soap world.


  1. This is so great. Now I have 2 web series to look forward to; Venice and Gotham!

  2. I am so excited to see Michael and Martha together. This is going to be amazing. The concept is intriguing, also. I just can't wait!!

  3. Excited for this one and another soap star web series--this one with actual production and airdates. Good for Martha to put the project together and slowly build--I can't wait for an interview as it gets closer to the airdate!!

  4. I'm confused is this going to be like a reality show following the actual actors and how they put on a daytime scripted show or is it based on characters that put on a daytime show? (bare with me i only got like 4 hours of sleep)

  5. Katie, this is a scripted series not a reality show.