Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Ratings News For SOAPnet; New Record for OLTL

SOAPnet has released third quarter ratings highlights and once again it is good news. ONE LIFE TO LIVE again proved it is alive and well with another record quarter.

Ratings Highlights for 3Q 2009 (Final National Ratings)
* Growing its Audience for the 7th Consecutive Quarter in Prime and Total Day, 3Q09 Ranks as SOAPnet's Most-Watched Quarter Ever in Total Viewers

* Building its Audience for the 5th Consecutive Quarter, 3Q09 Becomes SOAPnet's Most-Watched Quarter in Total Day in Women 18-49

* 3Q09 Wraps as SOAPnet's Second-Most-Watched Quarter Ever in Prime in Women 18-49, Falling Just Shy of 2Q09's Record-Setting Levels

* ONE LIFE TO LIVE Nets its Largest Quarterly Audience in 3Q09 in Total Viewers and Women 18-49, While "General Hospital" and "All My Children" Register Double-Digit Percent Increases Year to Year in the Key Demos

SOAPnet (3Q 2009)
Posting its 7th consecutive quarter of increases, 3Q09 became SOAPnet's most-watched quarter on record in Total Viewers in Prime (381,000) and Total Day (198,000). Impressively, this is the second straight quarter the network has delivered at record levels.

In Women 18-49, SOAPnet grew its Total Day audience for the 5th straight quarter, hitting all-time highs in 3Q09 (79,000). In Prime 3Q09 became the net's second-most-watched quarter ever, behind only 2Q08 (142,000 vs. 143,000).

Compared to 3Q08, in Prime SOAPnet climbed by an impressive 21% in Total Viewers (381,000 vs. 315,000) and by 35% in Women 18-49 (142,000 vs. 105,000). In Total Day SOAPnet improved delivery by an equally impressive 22% in Total Viewers (198,000 vs. 162,000) and by 30% in Women 18-49 (79,000 vs. 61,000).

Program Highlights
Garnering double-digit percent gains over year-ago levels, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (M-F, 9:00 10:00 p.m.) registered the series' largest quarterly audience on record on SOAPnet in Total Viewers (480,000) and Women 18-49 (186,000), increasing by a respective 39% (vs. 349,000) and 50% (vs. 124,000).

ALL MY CHILDREN (M-F, 8:00 9:00 p.m.) posted robust year-to-year increases, up by 31% in Total Viewers (477,000 vs. 365,000) and by 57% in Women 18-49 (184,000 vs. 117,000) over 3Q08 deliveries.

GENERAL HOSPITAL (M-F, 10:00 11:00 p.m.) garnered hefty gains over year-ago levels, increasing by 10% in Total Viewers (454,000 vs. 413,000) and by 23% in Women 18-49 (174,000 vs. 142,000).

Source: Nielsen Media Research (National Ratings, 3Q09: 6/29/09-9/27/09, Most Current; Year-Ago, 3Q08: 06/30/08-9/28/08, L + 7.


  1. Do you think there is any future in a "soapnet only" "ABC produced" soap? I know none of us are development executives, but I would watch a soap that only premieres on cable and is rerun on the web....

  2. Good news for OLTL they definitely need it. I'm not sure if Soapnet will green ight another soap didnt they do Nightshift and even though the ratings were good they opted to do reality shows instead of another season?

  3. At this point, I would say no. They don't seem to have a budget for even a half hour scaled down show. And based on their recent decisions and direction, it doesn't appear they have an interest in producing a new soap. I would love it if they changed focus again and fought to save the daily soap format.

  4. I think this is such great news! I wonder what would explain the rise in viewers? I can't help but think that "Kish" has attracted viewers that are more likely to watch at night.

  5. That could be. Plus the fact that is the most consistently "good" daytime soap at the moment and for a while now.

  6. I may be alone on this one - and I attribute it to "the Damon Jacob's theory" of being the hardest on the soap that you grew up with - HOWEVER, I think OLTL is just OK right now. The dialogue is repetitive, there are too few discussions of the motivation behind the character's actions, and there seems to be no long term story.

    When Dorian left the last time and made peace with Vicki it ended that story for me - so an ongoing feud between the two denies any progress that they have made in their relationship. I want to see stories about character's changing and evolving over time, but all we seems to get is a remembrance of things past (a rare Proust shout out in a soap posting)

  7. I understand DocP. We can be hardest on those we love, and our shows are no exception. On DAYS, I can't stand that Kate hasn't evolved or grown in the past 13 years, but many love her Vivian-esque stunts, so who am I to say otherwise?

    And all Proust shout-outs are very welcome!

  8. DocP,

    I think that Dorian's feud with Viki has mellowed. Both show give and take. It's just that Dorian goes over the edge and takes action not against Viki but others around her.

    However, if you look at Dorian's relationship with her adoptive daughter Langston, you can see how she's changed. Now she's supportive of Langston's choice in partners whereas in the past, she would manipulate her daughters or their lovers.

  9. SF78, I understand the charm of Dorian as a character. However the central concept of that show for 20 years was that Vicki hated Dorian for "killing" Victor and Dorian hated Vicki for stealing Landfair. Then, we found out that Dorian didn't kill Victor and she got her own mansion. So... What is Dorian motivation for still plotting against Vicki? For that reason why else is she running for Mayor?

    OLTL would be wise to take a tip from long running characters like Barbara Ryan, who changed from ingenue to bi-atch, or Rachel Cory who went from bi-atch to ingenue - the female lead needs to evolve or else you get Reva having a surprise pregnancy at 60 and Vicki only story is latest romantic affiliation.....

    ALSO - Vicki and her brother own the two biggest newspapers in town - Doesn't anyone call her on having a conflict of interest? Rupert Murdoch isn't going to run for mayor of New York?

  10. DocP,

    Viki and Dorian's feud has lessened and changed over the years. It's focus has shifted. Viki became made at Dorian for sleeping with Joey and most recently for drugging Charlie Banks.

    As for Viki running, she's given up editorial responsibilities at the banner.