Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go See Tina Sloan's "Changing Shoes" in Atlanta

GUIDING LIGHT's Beth Chamberlin post a Twitpic earlier today of the marquee where Tina Sloan's "Changing Shoes" opened in Atlanta last night. If you are in the Altanta area, please go see this show. Not only will you be supporting the fabulous Tina Sloan, but the play includes classic clips of Tina in both GUIDING LIGHT and SOMERSET.

Erica, a fan from the Atlanta area, went to see the play last night and wrote this glowing review:


I have been watching GUIDING LIGHT as long as I can remember, so when I heard Tina Sloan was doing a play in Atlanta I had to go! Well I got more than I bargained for! It was a night set up to make you feel special and apart of her family. The content of the play was remarkably funny and entertaining. It kept every member of the audience laughing and engaged the entire time. Tina's acting was incredible and interactive in a way that you felt like she was talking to you on the sofa with coffee. She gives heartbreaking and entertaining life lessons to people of all ages.

I went alone, but met so many kindred spirits because of the familial atmosphere that Tina created! After the show Tina had a cocktail reception for her audience, complete with or derv's, champagne, and wine! I mixed and mingled with Tina Sloan, her production team, and even Beth Chamberlin (who flew in for opening night)! I woke up this morning feeling like it was all a dream! It is more than a's an EXPERIENCE, that no one should miss. It's good enough for Broadway!

For tickets, call (404) 733-5000 or visit

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