EMMY GIFTING SUITE: AMC's Cameron Mathison

I caught up with ALL MY CHILDREN star Cameron Mathison (Ryan) last Friday at the Daytime Emmy gifting suite at the Orpheum theater. Here is what he had to say about Ryan's romance with Erica, his many jobs, and his move to Los Angeles with the show.

We Love Soaps: You're one of the hardest working guys on soaps. You do AMC, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, YOUR PLACE OR MINE, and various other hosting gigs.
Cameron Mathison: Well, thanks man. I try. It's a tough business.

We Love Soaps: You act, host and dance.
Cameron Mathison: The triple threat. But the dancing is kind of slipping away a little bit.

We Love Soaps: You've done so many hosting jobs that you probably have no nerves at all about hosting or presenting at this year's Daytime Emmys.
Cameron Mathison: I was nervous last year when I co-hosted until I stepped out on stage. But presenting, I don't have any nerves. I may later, but I do live TV so much it helps, it's repetition.

We Love Soaps: So are you excited about the move of ALL MY CHILDREN to Los Angeles.
Cameron Mathison: Yes. I am excited about a lot. I'm trying to focus on the fabulous parts. There are a lot of great things about it.

We Love Soaps: If this had happened a few years ago while you were on DANCING WITH THE STARS it would have made your life easier.
Cameron Mathison: It would have. And I just bought a country house in upstate New York eight months ago, the place of my dreams that the family has just fallen in love with. So it's really tricky. But all good problems to have.

We Love Soaps: But you're coming to LA, right?
Cameron Mathison: Yes. I'm coming. I can tell you flat out I'm coming. Unless something crazy happens, I'll be there.

We Love Soaps: Are you happy with Ryan's storyline with Erica?
Cameron Mathison: The summer kind of took a little lull from it, they were going there and not going there. But I love that story and working with Susan. Erica and Ryan are a fun mix. I think it's sort of shocking, but if it was an older man and a younger, there wouldn't be any surprise. It's nice to tell the story of a younger guy, wellnot younger guy, but slightly younger than Susan....

We Love Soaps: [Laughs] Be careful! And she is the best looking 62 year old in the planet.
Cameron Mathison: I've always thought so.

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