Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When I was coming up with categories for the classic photos there were several that didn't fit into the groupings I created so I'm posting some of them here now. In the photo above are Janet Grey's Eve and Lenore Kasdorf's Rita. I loved the Stapleton sisters when I was a kid.

Lynne Adams played Leslie Jackson Bauer in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Pictured above are Lynne Adams (Leslie) and William Smithers (Stanley Norris). Leslie was accused of killing Stanley (Holly's father), but it was actually his secretary that did the deed.

Barbara Rodell also played Leslie in between Adams' stints in the role.

Pictured above are Don Stewart's Mike with Stephen Yates' Ben (who I loved with Eve for a time) and Robin Mattson's Hope.

Pictured above are Jack Betts (Wilson Frost), Millette Alexander (Sara), Mart Hulswit (Ed), Stefan Schnabel (Dr. Stephen Jackson) and Fran Myers (Peggy).

Thanks to Rob Wargo for the photos.


  1. How cute was Stephen Yates?

    I never watched him on GL but I remember when he was Jamie Frame on AW.

  2. I remember his as Ben on GL with Eve but not much more. I liked him as Jamie as well. When he left they brought on Laurence Lau and turned Jamie into a doctor.

  3. Ben/Stephen Yates was dreamy.

    Don Stewart was such a '70s/Mannix kind of guy - in the best way.

  4. Robin Mattson aka "Gina" from Santa Barbara aka "Janet from Another Planet" from All My Children and aka "Noah's Hooker Mom" from As The World Turns was also on Guiding Light?!

    I had no idea she was on GL. Wow.

  5. Not only was she on GL but she was a Bauer! Mike's daughter, Ed's niece and Freddie's (Rick) cousin.

  6. Wow. I really had no idea that Ms. Mattson was also on GL (and a Bauer).

    Okay, wasn't she also on General Hospital for a bit (in the late 70's)?

    Now, she's a soap opera veteran. Five different soap operas within a 40 year period. Wow. Amazing.

  7. I also remember Barbara Rodell as Joyce Coleman on ATWT in the middle to late 1970s.

    Are any photos of Stephen Schnabel (aka Dr. Steven Jackson, 1966-1980--Cedars Hospital's Original Chief Of Staff, Leslie's Father, Rick's Maternal Grandfather, Close Friend To Bert Bauer, Father-In-Law To Mike & Ed Bauer) available? Thanks For These Classic Photos!

  8. dkeller, Robin played Heather on GH. She has been all over soaps and always good.

    Greeneb2, I just added one additional picture you might like.

  9. Roger,

    These are just treasure troves for my memory. Don Stewart played the "Mannix"-ish role of Mike Bauer to the hilt. I was so hurt when he left.

    ...and GL should have brought Mattson back as Hope, especially as a go-between between Alan and Buzz (and reignite some history with Justin Deas) - could you imagine that?

  10. I definitely thought the character of Hope should have always come back along with Alan Michael. The show really moved away from the Bauer family way too much for my liking.

  11. Evie Stapleton was such a tearjerker.
    I loved watching her blind, in peril,and in love with Ben. What chemistry!
    ANY MORE PHOTOS of her heyday?

  12. Somewhat late to this post, but I'd just like to point out that it was NOT Stanley Norris' secretary, Linell Conway, who murdered him. In a shocking twist, it turned out to be Linell's mother, Marion Conway, who killed him.

    Marion confessed in the courtroom when it looked like her daughter would be convicted of the crime. She explained that she could no longer tolerate the way Stanley treated her daughter. She then had a heart attack right there in the courtroom. It was one of the most memorable - pre-spoiler days - plot twists ever (imho).

    Too bad this clip isn't available. It was probably wiped.

  13. I have an audio cassette of the episode's sound track. I haven't listened to it in many years. It was broadcast around forty years ago. I'll try to dig it up and see what condition it's in. As I recall, Charlie Paul was giving a really fabulous organ performance during Marion Conway's courtroom confession!